Grab your pooch, Uber Pet has just launched in Geelong

Grab your pooch, Uber Pet has just launched in Geelong

Let’s be honest, a coffee date is fine, a walk in the park is cool, and a trip to the beach is always fun, but it’s even better with your pooch. Manoeuvring your furry human can be toughest at the best of times, especially when you don’t own a car and an Uber or taxi is your usual means of transport… and there was always a known risk in ordering an Uber with your pet. You would have to contact the driver, ask if they’re welcome, maybe negotiate some terms, and after all that they still might cancel your ride.

Luckily, this issue will be one of the past, as Uber Pet has just launched nationwide – including Geelong – following successful trials in Sydney and Brisbane earlier this year.

Available in your Uber app as a separate option alongside UberX and UberXL, Uber Pet will match you with a driver who’s happy to pick up your four-legged mate. It will cost an extra $6–7 per ride, with some of that going towards the drivers, too.

While Uber expects cats and dogs will be the most common passengers, it allows any kind of domesticated animal use the service at the driver’s discretion.

If you’re keen to try Uber Pets, the company have suggested that pets are “restrained with a leash, harness, or placed in a crate/carrier“; and that you ask the driver where they would like the animal to sit. If you have a towel or blanket with you to place on the seat beneath them that’s also preferred and will surely protect that 5-star rating.

We will point out that none of this applies to service animals. They’re always able to ride, no matter what and UberPet does not need to be requested.

Uber Pet is available nationwide today. Update your app to find the new feature now. You can find more information here.