Good Beer Week: Blackman’s Brewery Wildcards

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Good Beer Week: Blackman’s Brewery Wildcards

A Sunday night is hardly the time to throw back a few, but when it’s in honour of the new space Blackman’s Brewery are creating in town, how can you say no?

Down an alley way behind Beav’s Bar, a handful of beer enthusiasts and supporters gathered together in the shell of what will soon become a thriving new drinking venue. Exposed brick lined many of the walls, and the beams overhead and worn floorboards shared the same feeling. It almost raised the question, if only these walls could talk, as there has clearly been life within the space.

While the night’s purpose was to see the foundations of what Jessica and Renn are set to create their next thriving business on, it was also about the beer and the food – which was damn good. Four one-off specialty brews were made including a Cartel coffee lager (made with Ethiopian beans from Cartel Coffee Roasters), an Indian Spiced Dark Wit with Indian spices, a smoked bacon flavoured delight with the 100% Smoke Malt Rauch and a White IPA. The beers were then paired with a toasted malt pretzel, mussel cauliflower tabbouleh, ham hock terrine and a roast pork banh mi all created by Little Green Corner cafe.

Each attendee made their way through the pairings at their own pace, and with each new beer and food serving, excited chatter could be heard throughout the room. Mutterings of, what do you think it tastes like? Oh, that’s surprising! And that works really well, were a few phrases I heard through the night and echoed the sentiment that Blackman’s Brewery are onto a good thing. With the teaser night to the new venue already a success, there’s no doubt the real deal will have punters filling the exposed brick space.

Reviewed by Amanda Sherring