Gold Class: Festivals, Awards And Album Number Two

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Gold Class: Festivals, Awards And Album Number Two

Melbourne band Gold Class are in a league of their own. Their debut album It’s You blazed the trail back in September 2015, and then the boys had their recent scorching single. ‘Kids On Fire’ sees Gold Class exploding with an even bigger sound, serving as a taste tester for their forthcoming second LP.

“It’s the first thing we’ve released officially after the album,” says vocalist Adam Curley, of single ‘Kids On Fire’. Though the band have still kept incredibly busy over the past year, touring nationally, internationally and pumping out some killer collaborations with fellow Aussie bands. “We put out a little 7-inch with Mere Women from Sydney at the start of the year,” Curley says. “We love them and we’ve played with them a bunch of times. It was low key, just a couple of hundred copies were made, which was nice.”

‘Kids On Fire’ is a good indication why Gold Class were snapped up to headline a big festival like Paradise back in November. The track was produced by industry legend Aaron Cupples, who’s also had a hand in the work of huge names like Paul Kelly and The Drones. “He was lovely,” says Curley. “We recorded in the studio that The Drones did their album in, at Tropical Fuck Storm in Fitzroy.” When talking about the recording process, Curley surmised that busting out a single was a definite contrast to recording an album. “When we jumped in the studio for a couple of days it was all really easy. Doing just the one song wasn’t at all punishing. He was great to work with and really intuitive. It was pretty smooth sailing.”

The future for the second LP from Gold Class is also very bright indeed, with a possible release date as early as February 2017. “Last weekend we went away to the country to have a little writing camp,” says Curley. “We write all the songs together and it can be hard to get everyone in a room. So it was nice to have five days of solid jamming and working on new ideas.”

In the same way that ‘Kids On Fire’ differs from previous releases, fans can look forward to even more once the album drops. “We freed ourselves up and played around with sounds and ideas. I’m feeling really excited about it. We had in our heads about pushing the sound further and making it all sound bigger. Hopefully it’s a step toward what the next album will sound like.”

On top of all that, Gold Class also joined the ranks of The Drones, King Gizzard and Camp Cope, been nominated for Best Band in The Age Music Victoria Awards held last month. “It really surprised me. We haven’t done a huge amount in Australia this year,” he says. “It’s super cool just for the fact that it’s really nice to know that so many people in Melbourne have so much faith in us.”

Written by Bel Ryan
Photo by Ian Laidlaw

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