God Save The Queen at Home House Nightclub

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God Save The Queen at Home House Nightclub

In case you’ve missed it, next weekend is of the three day variety and thanks to our linkage to the ol’ monastery in Britain and it being the Queen’s birthday (or thereabouts), Monday is a day off!
Being our last public holiday between now and September, it’s one you definitely want to make the most of. Thankfully, between the Friday night knock-offs, the epic Sunday sessions, and the Monday recovery parties, there’s no shortage of good times to keep you well entertained around town.
One event that we’ve got our eyes on is the Sunday sesh at Home House. One of the mainstays on the club scene, Home House is guaranteed to keep you up late into Monday morning with their Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend Special going down on Sunday night (June 10).
As part of the celebration, they’ve got the most boss DJs coming through! Upstairs will see 24 year old Conor Barton on the decks, otherwise known as touring DJ C-Barts, who holds strong residences in Melbourne, the mecca of the ‘bounce’ craze, including Victoria’s #1 voted night spot, Cloud Nine. With an array of jaw-dropping bootlegs and his own productions, millions of plays on soundcloud, and a following of over 70,000, it’s not hard to see why C-Bart’s has become such a prominent figure in the ‘Bounce’ scene.
If downstairs is where you’d rather be, there will be the best hip hop and Rnb with DJ Philly, one of the freshest and youngest female DJs to regularly hit up Home House on the weekends, and when you need a break from droppin’ it on the d-floor with DJ Philly, why not indulge in $8 double black Smirnoff and $8 bombs all night.
We can probably all admit the only reason we voted to keep the monarchy all those years ago is because we love a public holiday. Home House are one’s to respect the extra day to continue the party shenanigans and thanks to Queen Lizzy II turning the ripe old age of 92 this month, entry is FREE for everyone before 12am! However for the slackers, it’s only $5 after 12am so it’s a win win!
Go on, it’d be rude not to celebrate.
Happy Birthday, Liz.
Home House is located at 40-42 Moorabool St, Geelong.