Glenn Skuthorpe: See My World

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Glenn Skuthorpe: See My World

Country, folk and blues. Guitars, fiddle, accordion, sax, mandolin, harmonica and banjo. Americana right? Even if the craftsman is an indigenous Australian? Bloody oath.

Inspiration for Glenn Skuthorpe’s fifth album sprung from this big paddock, but he masters northern roots influences as assuredly as Springsteen, Zevon or The Band. His early passion for 70s Country Rock and associated fusions is evident on 14 fully realised tracks with a fine band on board.

Skuthorpe’s vocal authority impresses alone, in communion with Melbourne’s Kerri Simpson and Canadian Matt Patershuk’s baritone. There’s ominous guitars and songs for dancing – in the Ozarks or the outback. Stories tell of troublesome lovers, dreams, sins and moving on.

Known for soundtrack compositions, Skuthorpe nails the roots/rock album brief here.

Reviewed by Chris Lambie
4 Stars