Girls of Country: Amber Lawrence

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Girls of Country: Amber Lawrence

Amber Lawrence is one of the leading ladies when it comes to Australian country music, and it’s only fitting that she take her music on a ‘Girls of Country’ tour alongside fellow country singers Aleyce Simmonds and Christie Lamb.
Looks like you’ve been enjoying the fine weather of Byron Bay, I hate to say but down in Geelong it isn’t quite as nice. Are you prepared to leave the sun for the true winter chill of Victoria? 
Oh yes of course, we’ve enjoyed getting some sun..but we are also looking forward to heading south to find some more music lovers!
You are doing the Girls of Country tour at the moment, how have things been going so far? 
It’s been such a great tour. The reaction has been so great, and we have put a lot of effort into the rehearsals and preparation for the show. We are so proud of this show.
Have you done much with Christie and Aleyce before? 
Yes, we have toured this show all year but we have also worked together for many years, and we really enjoy working with each other.
How did it first come about to do the tour? 
My manager and myself came up with the idea of this tour earlier this year. We thought, it’s been a while since three girls have toured together, and it’s about time!
Your vocals all work so well together too, did it take a little bit of rehearsing to perfect the balance or was it all rather natural? 
Thank you – yes we have rehearsed a lot together, and we are so proud of the vocal blend we have established.
I’m really loving the positive posts you’ve been doing for your blog, do you have a personal mantra that you live by?
Thank you!! I have a mantra of, ‘You can have anything you want if you want it badly enough” … So believe in yourself!
How important is it for you to be able to share those thoughts and words of wisdom with your fans? 
It’s really important.. I think it’s important to know that chasing your dreams isn’t always easy, so just believe in yourself and go for it
Given that you did start learning to play guitar and to sing at 23 (later than a lot would expect) have you found that if anything it’s had a more positive effect starting later? 
Yes  I think so, because you realise what you want, and how much practice it takes
Thanks again for the chat, are there any last words of wisdom you’d like to share? 
Just believe in yourself!
When & Where: The Barwon Club Hotel, Geelong – August 20