Gifts for the Geek have a free Comic Book Day

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Gifts for the Geek have a free Comic Book Day

Halloween Comic Fest is a celebration of all things Halloween and comic book related. While the festival is celebrated internationally, each location takes their own unique spin on the event. This year Gifts for the Geek are hosting a Halloween Free Comic Book Day (FCBD), which is exactly what it sounds like – an October date where anyone can come in and get a free (!) comic book.

Held on October 28, FCBD aims at getting everyone involved in the magical world of comic books. The day aims to introduce comic books to new fans, and show the range of stories – including and beyond superheroes, available in comic books and giving existing comic book fans a chance to venture into new genres and franchises.

Free Comic Book Day is an event where everyone, ranging from people with no previous experience in comic books, to comic book experts, are welcome to take home a free comic book.

Considering it is a Halloween themed Free Comic Book Day, it does mean that all the comics available on Saturday will be Halloween themed, meaning that this is a perfect chance for fans of all things Halloween related to find a lifelong spooky experience through comic books.

For those who are only just starting their comic book journey there are plenty of introductory resources available – both the Halloween Comic Fest and Free Comic Book Day websites and social media come with plenty of recommendations and introductory guides for a range of comic book topics, genres and franchises. Undoubtedly Gifts for The Geek will also have some of their own favourites to recommend.

There is nothing that can claim to be “Halloween themed” and does not include a costume contest, and at participating stores, Halloween Comic Fest gives fans have a chance to participate in “The Greatest Halloween Costume Contest Ever!”.

Halloween Comic Fest is a celebratory event for fans of all ages, and a chance for new fans to be introduced to the community at Gifts for the Geek. Whether you’re an avid fan or a comic book newbie, it is well worth swinging past the store to pick up a free comic book. The store has plenty of other things to check out while you’re there – a wide range of band merch, records, T-shirts and comic book merchandise are also available, along with a number of comic books and graphic novels for those wanting to take home more than one story from the day.

When & Where: Gifts for the Geek, 153-155 Ryrie Street, Geelong – October 28

Written by Perri Digby