Get your stretch on with Kommunity Yoga at the KO

Get your stretch on with Kommunity Yoga at the KO

Some like it hot and sweaty, some prefer it slow and focused, and some enjoy doing it to a soundtrack of big hip hop beats. No matter what kind of yoga you vibe with, simply participating in a solid, consistent practice can improve your strength, flexibility, coordination—and even your mental well-being.

While all of these benefits are appealing, it’s having a decent space to do it in makes all the difference and Kommunity Yoga is a fantastic pop-up studio to visit.

Founded by local yogi Alex Wall, Kommunity Yoga is located in Newtown at the beautiful multi-purpose workspace The KO Creative Studio once a week. The spacious studio (which is actually the KO’s photography studio) is the perfect modern and architecturally designed environment to workout your body and recharge your mind.
“It’s just the perfect set up,” Alex explains. “They have a photography studio on the side which is where we do the yoga. People can enjoy the studio, have a cup of tea, look at the art, and see the exhibit if there is one, and then we go in the photography studio which becomes the yoga studio.

“It’s just so gorgeous,” Alex says. “There’s a big strip of windows above the top that look out some trees so it’s got this awesome natural night. It’s a beautiful space and that’s definitely one of the reasons why I wanted to do it there, but also they really foster that sense of community there. They do co-working, they run book clubs, wine nights, and plant sales and all these events where people who just like the same thing can just come together and connect. It’s really genuine.”

It’s clear that Kommunity Yoga ditches superficiality and instead focuses on something much more meaningful – community. Whether you’re an experienced yogi or someone new to the practice, by attending Alex’s class on a Monday night, you’ll instantly be made to feel welcome, cared for, and part of something greater than yourself.

“The whole idea is that it can just fit in with whatever else you do in life,” Alex smiles. “It’s cash only, once a week on a Monday and it’s just rocking up – there are no bookings required.

“It’s only $15 for a class and $20 for two classes. We donate 20 percent of profits of every class to certain charities each month, and some of it goes to The KO. Eventually we might do another day, but I really love that community vibe. I don’t really want to spread that over different times.”
Designed for all bodies and yogis, Kommunity Yoga is the perfect way to start the week with two 50 minute classes of non-heated yoga.

“Heated yoga of course has amazing benefits, but I like how you can do adjustments and connect with people in a non-heated session; you just can’t really do that when everyone’s sweating,” she says. “It just makes it a bit easier when you’re trying to do certain things; if you’re too sweaty, you can’t grab onto a toe, or try and balance on your hands, or just play with different shapes. These non-heated sessions just means you can be a bit more playful.”

The KO Yoga Space. Photo by Armelle Habib

The KO Yoga Space. Photo by Armelle Habib

The first class, Water Flow, begins at 5:30pm and includes flowy vinyasa with expansive and strengthening postures, to the soundtrack of upbeat and Lo-fi tunes and bookends of meditation and savasana. Earth Flow follows at 6:30pm, which is slow flow yang winding down into nourishing and restorative Yin postures and a long savasana. You can choose to do one class, or you can block out a couple of hours on your Monday and give them both a go, allowing you to get the most out of your time with a holistic and balanced approach.

“I recommend people give them both a go, just because they are very different experiences,” Alex says. “Sometimes people might come to the Water Flow but it might be a bit too dynamic for them so that’s when the Earth Flow might be a better fit which a bit more about relaxation. It’s a lot more mindful, still great for the physical benefits, but you won’t walk away sweating from the Earth Flow.”

Blending mindfulness with movement, the pop-up studio is also just the right size to offer you tailored support throughout classes so you can go at your own pace and enjoy your yoga journey.

“Everyone is welcome. Men and women, all ages, all bodies, all abilities, absolutely everyone is welcome. Every shape is possible, and we’re flexible with modifications of shapes.”

While the studio is open to people of all experience levels, if you’re new to the practice Alex recommends heading along 5-10 minutes early and air any issues you might have ahead of your very first yoga class.
Whether you’re a newbie or a self-proclaimed yogi, find your balance at Kommunity Yoga. All you need to do is kick off the shoes, wear anything you feel comfortable in, bring cash and a mat (if you’ve got one, otherwise Alex has you covered), and rock up with an open mind.

Kommunity Yoga runs on Monday’s at 5:30pm and 6:30pm at The KO Creative Studio, 1/14 Lambert Ave, Newtown.