Get ready to relax, a third round of $200 regional travel vouchers has been announced

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Get ready to relax, a third round of $200 regional travel vouchers has been announced

Foggy sunrise at the Gibson Steps on the east side of the 12 Apostles
Words by Keegan Bennett

The state government annouced the scheme on Sunday.

The state government has announced another wave of $200 vouchers for travel around regional Victoria and Melbourne following last week’s snap lockdown which has been dubbed the ‘circuit breaker action’.

The Key Takeaways

  • This new announcement builds on the existing scheme
  • $200 is up for grabs
  • This is also being met with grants directly to affected businesses

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The new $10M scheme will offer $200 vouchers to budding tourists looking to spend the weekend away in the city, expanding the initiative to Greater Melbourne. The state government is offering 40,000 vouchers to tourists visiting the city who have spent over $400 on accommodation, tours, and attractions, as well as a further 10,000 vouchers to those visiting regional areas.

The previous round of offers was only for those visiting regional areas, so the metropolitan vouchers are brand-new for this round of the scheme.

Punters looking to benefit from this scheme will be reimbursed $200 once they get back from their trip, after applying online. Applications will open after the 10th of March for the third round of vouchers.

This new announcement expands on the previous scheme, with the state government having now offered 200,000 vouchers for tourists across regional Victoria.

This scheme is perfect for promoting a weekend getaway and combined with direct business funding should alleviate a lot of the stress caused by the snap lockdown last weekend.

As well as the vouchers, the state government also announced a series of granted for affected businesses directly. Businesses in the hospitality, food wholesaling, tourism and events industries can apply for $2000 grants to cover the cost of lost revenue over the 5-day period.

Businesses who previously benefitted from the governments Licensed Hospitality Venue Fund will receive an automatic $3000 payment. Accommodation type businesses will receive grants based on how many cancellations they received over the period, ranging from $2250 and $4500 per business.

At the time of writing, the state government has provided over $6 billion in direct funding to assist with the economic recovery in Victoria.

For more info, click here. To see the full list of guidelines for making sure you’re eligible, click here.