Get active in KOBA Australia – Geelong’s new luxury activewear brand

Get active in KOBA Australia – Geelong’s new luxury activewear brand

Words by Jessica Magtalas

Passionate about quality and performance.

While 2020 has been quite the ride, many have used this opportunity to reach their fitness goals and embark on a health journey. For beginner gym goers or veteran gym junkies, Geelong’s new activewear brand is perfect for you!

Launched in the beginning of September and after four jam-packed months of hard labour, KOBA is now available to those who value performance and high-quality gear without sacrificing comfortability.

Born and raised in Geelong, owners Brigitte Ward-Moss and Gabriella Martini have set themselves on a mission to lead and innovate the activewear fashion industry – providing customers with ethically sourced and high-quality products that’s easy on the wallet.

There are even those moments where we hate that feeling of activewear that just don’t fit quite right, ruining the momentum of our workouts, so for the pair blending the perfect materials and fabrics to provide women with comfort was their main priority.

“As active people ourselves we know how important good activewear is. It was so hard to find a product that ticks all the boxes, especially legging which are such a staple in anyone’s wardrobes! You think with all the brands out there you would be able to find a pair of leggings that won’t fall down when you run, light and soft on the skin, fast drying and don’t cost a fortune. So, we created the product that ticks all the boxes,” says Brigitte and Gabriella.


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Setting themselves apart from other activewear brands, the two founders have invested their time, efforts and support for empowering women to lay the foundation of their new side hustle. Whether it be for Pilates, yoga, high-intensity training or even to throw on for a lazy day or lunch with friends, KOBA is both soft and flexible enough to provide support for a full day of action.

“We have built a brand that provides our customers with an experience rather than just a product. We have invested with stunning sustainable packaging that our customers can reuse if they wish. We are extremely interactive with our customers and love when they post on social media so we can share how beautiful they look. We have already built a really strong community with a fantastic team of Ambassadors that help us in promoting our brand,” explains Brigitte and Gabriella.

“We’re all about empowering women to feel comfortable, supported and most importantly, confident! Our products aren’t your standard activewear that you see everywhere else. We’ve engineered a certain blend of materials that ticks absolutely every box when it comes to women’s requirements,” they continue.

Although this is only the beginning, KOBA has garnered a strong presence in the fitness space, with even more goals to accomplish in the future.

We want KOBA to be the No.1 women’s activewear brand in Australia. We want to set fashion trends and lead the industry. KOBA isn’t just your standard activewear brand, it really is luxury athleisure fashion without the price tag.”

Check out KOBA’s new MELT line here and add some items into the cart!