Georgia Nott (Broods): The Venus Project: Vol 1

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Georgia Nott (Broods): The Venus Project: Vol 1

Given its release being on International Women’s Day, it’s quite an unsubtle message in which BROODS’ Georgia Nott is trying to communicate in her solo project. The other half to her brother in NZ duo BROODS, Georgia has gone out on her own to deliver something she has felt she’s never been able to express… until now.
This record is so emotively rich, screaming vulnerability with such an understated, natural approach. The Venus Project: Vol 1 is as honest as it is captivating, channelling the listener to take in every whimsical pace of Georgia’s velvety voice. With each diverse pull of the guitar string, Georgia’s voice pulls on the strings of the heart simultaneously, leaving you in awe of how one woman’s voice can be so fluidly beautiful.
The lyrics to ‘Won’t Hurt’ explore the loneliness one can feel despite being in a room full of people – “I could be lonely when the party is mine to host”, “I could be screaming and you wouldn’t hear a word”, highlighting the depth of her maturity in a lyrical sense. ‘Moon to Moon’ is the darkest and moodiest track on the record, demonstrating that Georgia is capable of alternating and changing the listeners individualised experience when tuning into the album.
Though many people are worried that this will be the end of BROODS, especially given “Vol 1” implies there will be a sequel, it’s unclear whether or not this means BROODS is kaput (we are hoping not!) Georgia is absolutely killing it on this record, and everyone should be open to having a listen to The Venus Project on a rainy day.
4 Stars
Dryden St/Universal Music Australia
Reviewed by Hannah Kenny