Geoff Watt: And Then We Fly

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Geoff Watt: And Then We Fly

Geoff Watt’s (former guitarist and songwriter for Blackbird) has returned with a stunning collection of songs, spanning acoustic compositions to full band performances. His 15 track album, And Then We Fly showcases an array of musical and lyrical talent, speaking narrative from start to finish.
The opening track, ‘Friends’, is light hearted, warm and dreamy, much resembling the cover art, while the second track, ‘Satellite’ introduces the folky and hauntingly sweet vocals of Amy Joseph, who proceeds to be present on four songs across the album. ‘A tear’ is one song that especially stands out. The emotion within this track alone is a testament to Watt’s powerful songwriting abilities and teamed with Joseph’s vocals, it’s a mesmerising two minute track.
The album progresses into rockier territory with ‘You’re My Fire’, adding a new dimension to Watt’s soundscape. This heavier sound is evident across tracks like ‘Say You Don’t Need It’ and ‘Scattered’, creating diversity on the album, breaking up the 15 tracks nicely.
Moving between electric and acoustic guitar, occasionally decorating tunes with female vocals and piano tones, And Then We Fly tells an incredible story of human existence: love and loss, healing and destiny – and is as lyrically moving as it is to listen to. Definitely worth a listen on a lazy afternoon.
Reviewed by Aine Keogh