Geoff Achison: Sovereign Town

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Geoff Achison: Sovereign Town

Award winning Veteran Australian Blues and Roots virtuoso Geoff Achison has had an illustrious career built on the foundations of brilliant music and yet he has still somehow managed to release a new album of absolute gold – Sovereign Town.
Geoff Achison’s craftsmanship on the new record is near flawless – the warm over tones on the opening track Skeleton kiss welcomes you to a collective of songs that are not only reminiscent of Eric Clapton’s musicianship but also J. J. Cale’s diversity.
Produced by Ric Formosa and accompanied by Geoff at the renowned Pilgrimage Studio, Sovereign Town is lovingly constructed with contributions from the all-star line up of Geoff’s studio band that included Andy Fry, Dave Clark and Liam Kealy (and John McNamara on a few tracks). It’s a carefully crafted amalgamation of intimate, organic and warm narratives that are inspired by the early days of the Victorian Gold Rush and regardless of your alignment with blues music, its welcoming and well worth the time.
Jupiter 2 Records/Landslide Records
Reviewed by Josh Dowling