Geoff Achison

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Geoff Achison

Award-winning Blues-Rock musician Geoff Achison is set to release his first studio album in almost a decade, Another Mile, Another Minute. The self-taught Melbourne-based musician accepted an offer to relocate to the U.S back in 2007 to perform and work, and has continually returned about twice a year.

Although it has been a while since his last studio release, the singer-songwriter has been busy writing, recording live albums, and performing nationally. “I think the songs [on the new album] are a little different, I’m always trying to dig a little deeper each time,” Geoff says, “That may be why it’s taken a little bit longer to find enough material that I’ve personally been happy with.”
From the age of eight, Geoff began picking up various instruments – harmonica, trumpet, saxophone, and drums – to find that his true passion lay with the guitar. “When I finally got my hands on the guitar it all started to come together. For whatever reason, I felt that I could make music, almost immediately. I’m still learning; I practice every day.” At the age of 13, Geoff began playing in his father’s band and after moving to Melbourne, discovered his love for blues music.
Geoff is inspired to write through his life experiences and his songs often reflect real life experiences and stories he believes need to be told. “I do think I’m getting better at [song-writing], gradually, but the process always starts with a relationship with the guitar. If I’m lucky some lyrics will pop into my head, or some story that I think is worth writing about.” On the writing process behind one of his emotionally driven songs,‘Delta Dave,’however, written about a Melbourne-busker and remarkable friend who sadly passed away, Geoff says, “the words just tumbled onto the page.”
With his impressive musical achievements, song-writing ability and industry experience, Geoff has some valuable advice for young musicians who want to break into the industry and develop a career as a musician. “There are plenty of great guitar players and song-writers out there, so you don’t necessarily have to aim to be the best in the world, but if you can be unique and different, that gives you something that no-one else can touch,” he says.
The Geelong album launch for Another Mile, Another Minute will take place at The Workers Club with Geoff and his band, The Souldiggers, on August 5. The show will be opened up with a performance from local musician, Tim Hulsman. The gig also falls on Geoff’s birthday. “It’s a big cause for celebration, we love playing in Geelong any old day but this happens to be my 51st birthday. We’re up for a good old shindig there. It’s just a great little part of the city.”
Those attending the show will be first in line to pick up the pre-released album Another Mile, Another Minute, which will be available at the gig; otherwise fans can digitally purchase the album at

Written by Tayla Haigh
When & Where: Workers Club, Geelong ・August 5
Release: Another Mile, Another Minute is out after the launch