Geelong’s well-loved Famous Will drops debut

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Geelong’s well-loved Famous Will drops debut

Melbourne-based indie/pop band, Famous Will, has dazzled us with their new EP. Featuring nine captivating songs, Famous Will takes us back to the time when all music had meaning. We chat to Frontman Will Gardiner.

Hi Will! What was the biggest inspiration for your new EP?
Life. Love, love lost, travel, friends and family. Every single experience has somehow impacted on whichever song I’m working on at the time. Sometimes more noticeable.. watch out heart-breakers!

Your song ‘Follow Suit’ touches on the pursuit of material success in today’s society. Alternatively, what do you hope to achieve through your music, and what is the ultimate direction of the band?
The whole group plays for the love of music. If we were in it for money, success or recognition, we would honestly have to be a bit daft. As for direction and achievements, I think we’re all striving to write and play the best music we can, relate to the listeners, meet like-minded souls and be apart of something bigger than ourselves.

The EP also features a treasure from the 80s: a song your dad (David Gardiner) recorded on a VHS over 30 years ago, which you then helped revamp. How did your dad feel about having his old song featured on your EP?
He is so proud! We surprised him with the song being played live at our last tour farewell show. Keeping it a secret before he heard it was the hardest part; hence the name “secret song”

How does the music-making process go for Famous Will?
It’s so hard to describe. Simply put, It’s a grind for weeks and months and then I trip over a tune or lyrics, then accidentally fall into writing a song. I wish I knew exactly what the formula was because I’d certainly do it more often and would save me a lot of writers block.

You quit your job and sold everything to start your band. Do you ever look back, and what advice can you offer for those looking to start up in the music industry?
I loved my job and enjoyed my nice toys but it’s hard to compare to chasing dreams.
As for advice, if everyone’s doing it, it doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. We all have our own path to follow and have that gut feeling about if what we’re doing is what we really want, or a means to an end. Also, save before you quit your job. I forgot to do that.

What should fans expect to see at your Geelong gig at The Worker’s Club on 8 June?
If you’re spending your hard earned money on seeing a gig of ours, we’ll put on a show for you! Bigger harmonies, bigger songs, bigger hair, bigger guitars and a truck load of banter! We’ll also do a few songs from the album, which is kind of exciting!

Catch Will at The Workers Club in Geelong on June 8. Tickets at

Written by Naseem Radmehr