Geelong’s well-loved Famous Will drops debut EP

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Geelong’s well-loved Famous Will drops debut EP

Melbourne-based indie/pop band, Famous Will, has dazzled us with their new EP. Featuring nine captivating songs, Famous Will takes us back to the time when all music had meaning.

Each song is unique – some with more of a rock feel, while others are serene – but one thing for sure: that 60s style is consistent. When listening, you can hear the heart and soul that went into creating the album: each song has a personal touch behind it. Band leader, Will Gardiner, wrote one song about marriage equality for his friend, when it wasn’t yet legalised in Australia.

Other songs touch on fleeting lovers, nature, and the passage of time, taking us on an almost spiritual journey. ‘Follow Suit’ was a standout for me. It reminds you of Will’s dedication and passion for music. He quit his full-time job and sold everything to pursue Famous Will, and similarly, this song talks about a corrupt government, an authoritative school system, and the 9-5 rat-race most of us fall into, in a vain attempt for happiness.

The EP also features a treasure from the 80s: a song Will’s dad, David Gardiner recorded on a VHS over 30 years ago. Will’s helped his dad revamp it – and ‘Secret Song’, which possess a slight Beach Boys vibe, is another must-listen.

Catch Will at The Workers Club in Geelong on June 8. Tickets at

Written by Naseem Radmehr