Geelong's Trick Gypsy cover Coldplay

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Geelong's Trick Gypsy cover Coldplay

Trick Gypsy. They’re the local alternative punk rockers who have been bringing a mix of energy and rawness to the stage for the past three years. They’re also the band who were victorious in Black Hatt’s recent Battle of The Bands.
Inspired by artists like Jebediah, Nirvana and Dinosaur Jr, Trick Gypsy are exactly the type of band you’d hope to win this competition: young, passionate, eccentric and ambitious. Consisting of guitarist, frontman and songwriter Felix King, bassist Josh Humphrey and drummer Tom Denning, the trio are earning a reputation for the energy and unpredictability they bring to live performances – and anyone present at the Battle of the Bands can attest to this.
“We always give every show our all; we were definitely one of the more sweaty ones at the end,” Tom laughs. “We do pride ourselves on our energy in our live performances and Battle of the Bands was just another chance of being able to share that energy with people and gain some new fans.”
Along with giving the guys another platform to share their music, they also walked out with a pretty handy $2500 that will go towards the creation of their forthcoming EP.
“The second part of this year has been focusing on the EP and writing our material,” Josh says. “We had a lot of it written already but we just had to hone in and get it right, and get our heads around the recording aspects.
“When our first EP came out, at the time we were aiming a little too high for what we were doing,” Josh explains. “Under-prepared,” Felix adds. “It was good for the time being, but as you grow up and you learn more, you tend to look back on what you’ve done and know you can do better.”
And we’re banking this new EP will be fuelled with a ton of high quality, original, spicy tunes. In between gigging across Victoria and recording new music for this forthcoming EP, the guys have also just teased us all with their recent cover of Coldplay’s iconic ‘Yellow’.
“We personally like playing covers; not in the same style they are written, but by making it our own,” Josh explains. “We’ve always been a fan of the triple j Like A Versions, when people take cover music and make it their own and make it sound like it could be theirs.”
Alongside the single itself, Chris Martin’s iconic walk along a cloudy beach in the “Yellow” music video is just as legendary. It’s nowhere near their top most viewed video, but it’s an important artefact from their beginnings so Trick Gypsy took on covering the one-shot music video as well.
“We wanted to shoot it exactly like the video, but differently,” Felix explains. “We wanted to touch on the classic Coldplay on a beach, which we do, then the distortion hits and we’re all doing funky stuff.”
“It’s exactly what we did to the song, we thought we’d do it to the video clip as well,” Tom adds, before Felix continues. “We started off just like the original to make you all think yeah sweet, Coldplay, then bang, we make it Trick Gypsy.”
Although the band have embraced putting their own spin on it, they do emulate the same youth, energy, and present that band in the same idealistic place as Chris Martin in that video in the best possible way. Check it out below.
The guys will be launching their cover at The Workers Club in Geelong this Friday (November 16) alongside IBIS, The Grimwoods and Icky Sticks!