Geelong’s own Shinya Ramen is earning a reputation as the best ramen outside of Japan

Geelong’s own Shinya Ramen is earning a reputation as the best ramen outside of Japan

Tender meat and soft noodles bathing in the juices of a belly-warming broth. Is there anything more satisfying than a clean slurp of ramen? No, we don’t think there is…

While Japan may lay claim to inventing the world’s most sumptuous noodle soup, Geelong’s own Shinya Ramen is an authentic and traditional ramen restaurant that boasts an experienced Japanese chef with a passion for his craft.

If you’re looking for soul-warming ramen served with the flair and integrity that only a real ramen chef can provide, then look no further than Shinya Ramen. Made with egg-free noodles, every dish is cooked fresh to order, whether you decide on chicken ramen, a pork tonkotsu ramen, or vegan ramen! If you’re about the heat, you can turn your dinner up by selecting the spicy option. Already regarded by locals as the best ramen outside of Japan, the soup is hot and silky, and the noodles are perfectly cooked.

If you’re wanting to explore outside ramen or you’re looking for some bites to start you off, we’d recommend you give the Veggie Tempura or Japanese paella a go, or indulge in freshly-made Gyoza. They’ve also got delicious options like Teriyaki chicken bento, Takoyaki, spring rolls or even the crab claws on offer.

Catering to all dietary requirements, while maintaining their passion and experience, they even offer a fresh tofu salad with tasty Japanese sesame sauce, the aforementioned vegan ramen, a veggie tempura don, and some finger-licking edamame.

Shinya Ramen is located at 8A Gheringhap Street, Geelong. Phone 5222 4162 or email