Geelong’s Next Level Skirmish has closed down

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Geelong’s Next Level Skirmish has closed down

The business announced its closure on social media this week.

Loaded up with all the best gear to get the adrenaline pumping as you head into a laser tag mission of epic proportions, Next Level Skirmish has been the ultimate destination for Geelong locals and visitors alike to embrace the competitive spirit and adrenaline boost of paintball – minus the welts and bruises.

Located out in North Geelong, Next Level Skirmish was Geelong premiere location for high-paced action. Now, in a blow to the region, Next Level Skirmish has announced its closure.

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The business posted the news to social media earlier this week.

“Due to circumstances out of our control Next Level Skirmish is now out of business,” the post read.

“We are sincerely sorry about the inconvenience.”

No further details have been formally shared about the closure (aside from a comment about developers wanting land in the post comments), but the business also revealed it is up for sale if anyone wishes to purchase it for use at a different location.

Formally known as Laser Strike Geelong, Next Level Skirmish was the region’s only large-scale Laser Skirmish, providing the perfect experience for anyone looking to break the standard weekend mould.

If you missed out on the mandatory local experience, essentially the laser skirmish guns shoot harmless beams of infra-red light, with sophisticated player statistics tracking systems that are displayed during play. Played across a sprawling urban-style battlefield with eight to 60 players, Laser Skirmish was truly the immersive first-person shooter experience gamers have been training for.