Geelong’s Luke Beavis delivers a resounding rock triumph with his explosive self-titled album

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Geelong’s Luke Beavis delivers a resounding rock triumph with his explosive self-titled album

Luke Beavis makes his mark on the rock scene with his bold self-titled album.

A record of raw energy and intimate emotion, the new self-titled album from Geelong singer-songwriter Luke Beavis roars with a fiery, feverish passion. Filled with ups, downs, and everything in between, the local musician’s fourth full-length album is a collection of roaring, soaring powerhouse of emotionally-charged music ready to spark a fire in all who listen.

Released December 23, Luke Beavis is a resounding triumph of an alt-rock record. Across 48 minutes, Beavis delivers a refreshing dose of high-octane sonic cinema that manages to be both impossible to pigeonhole, while honing in on an instantly recognisable and authentic rock sound, building upon the path blazed by bands like Nirvana and Foo Fighters over the past few decades. 

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Written and recorded within the confines of his home, Beavis’ latest 11-track album Luke Beavis packs a punch, with the artist focusing on soaring melodies, searing beats and foreboding guitar riffs as much thought-provoking lyrics and high-energy performances. 

Blending rock with alternative styles into a cinematic, cathartic and endlessly alluring soundtrack, Beavis’ new album is intense yet subtle, soaring yet subdued: A tastefully balanced mix of chaos and control, calling to mind the likes of Fuel, Sons of Korah and Matchbox 20. 

The release embraces everything that makes Luke Beavis, Luke Beavis. It’s a record full of styles and moods at every turn, showcasing Beavis’ voice that’s perfectly suited to classic rock, raspy and full of emotion. 

Highlights abound throughout the album, as Beavis expertly combines the personal with the universal in epic overhauls of emotionally charged alt-rock. From the roaring, fervent opener ‘Freeze’ and the soft ballad ‘I’m Gunna Be A Mega Star’, to the pop-driven ‘Whale of a Time’ and the epic spicy finale ‘Sex Vibes’, the record keeps listeners engaged throughout.

Beavis even goes above and beyond with experimentation in ‘Spiritual Bride’, featuring a range of vocal intonations alongside metal-style drums – it’s a dark, eccentric song with spirit. As a whole, the project reveals a musician truly willing to exceed boundaries musically. 

Further highlights include ‘I Know’ which showcases some incredibly expressive drumming alongside an untethered exhilarating guitar line, the 80s rock-disco vibe of ‘Destiny’ (complete with meaty arena rock guitar riffs and soaring falsetto vocals) and the gritty, impassioned ‘No More Victim From A Gun’ which is as achingly vulnerable as it is musically unapologetic.

As Beavis explains, “A track that stands out to me would have to be a track called ‘No More Victim From A Gun’.

“I wrote this about my mental health struggles and I can now say I am not a victim anymore but an overcomer.

“I think there is still a lot more to come from me and I feel like it is just the beginning.” 

Struggling with mental health and using music as a means of healing (evident from the sheer abundance of music attached to his name), the album is deeply personal and experimental Beavis, whose relentless drive sees him dishing out charming and passionate rock song after rock song from his home in Geelong. For an artist that traditionally cut his teeth via the organ at seven years old, it’s fitting that Beavis took to guitar in his early teen years, informing the rock vibe and prevailing vocals that are now taking his music to new heights. 

With this latest output epitomising Beavis as both an expert songwriter and proficient musician, the album was taken to greater heights with an expert collaboration between Beavis and powerhouse producers Zac Barter and David Wilson. 

“This new album I have done is a collaboration between me, Zac barter and David Wilson. It has all been done remotely with the exchanging of files between each other. I recorded the vocals at home and sometimes the sessions and sent them off for Zac and David to work their magic.” 

Ultimately, Luke Beavis’ self-titled album is a pure thrill, delivering an expansive and smouldering collection of rock anthems emanating raw feelings from the core. On this album, Beavis stands out from the rest, with tightly-crafted rock structures walking a thin (but brilliant) line between mainstream and underground accessibility.

Poised to be a prominent voice in the local rock scene, Luke Beavis has already proved to be a powerhouse – and one we’ll be paying extra special attention to in 2023. 

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