Geelong’s Lash78 are breaking the stigma of perfection in the entertainment industry

Geelong’s Lash78 are breaking the stigma of perfection in the entertainment industry

It’s no secret that the pandemic has disrupted the lives of creatives across the world.

In no time at all, Covid-19 derailed the touring industry, closed countless businesses and venues, and brought the world to a halt due to the federal government’s decision to implement social distancing rules, travel restrictions and quarantine measures.

The month to follow saw the nation adjust to the new reality of life under self-quarantine, with a number of creatives finding news ways to share joy during these trying times, taking their shows online, creating collaborative DIY videos and essentially finding new ways to express themselves through their art.

One outfit that we’ve been particularly inspired by in recent times is Geelong sister duo Lash78, comprised of Lauren and Sheridan Harvey.

Performing consistently and having some form of involvement in the music industry since they were just seven and eight years old, the sisters have built a solid reputation over the past 14 years for their knockout harmonies and captivating, fun and energetic performances.

Driven by passion and dedication, we saw the rock-pop duo rise to success with the release of their debut EP ‘Who’ last year. Reminiscent of Swedish First Aid Kit, the EP was jam-packed with energy, fire, twang, and the voices of the sisters are empowering and motivating, stirring many emotions: strength, anger, sadness, passion and more.

With a passion for creating music stronger than ever before and the advantage of isolating together at their family home, the pandemic has seen the girls hosting weekly ‘Bored In The House’ live sessions. Brimming with live music, requests, Q&A’s, new music previews and even a truth or shots game, these sessions have been bringing a lot of musical joy to everyone watching from home.

Still navigating the unpredictable, competitive and relentlessness music industry – an industry currently treading water due to the pandemic – the Harvey sisters have now been directing their creative energy into a new video series dedicated to help break the stigma of perfection in the entertainment industry, and help other creatives in the industry by extending knowledge from people who inspire them.

Titled ‘Keeping Up With The Creatives’, the video series shares stories of fellow creatives, including singers, videographers, influencers, comedians, dancers, TikTok creators, and dancers, and explores their individual struggles with creativity, procrastination, and motivation.

“Honestly, we have been performing since we were 7 and 8 years old and at points, we’ve felt quite lost in the industry because the market is so saturated with people making high quality content. It felt really overwhelming, like we didn’t know where to start, or if we could even compete,” they explain.

“We wanted to extend the knowledge we’ve learnt over the years to anyone feeling the same, and we thought what better way than to ask some of our favourite creators to jump on board.

“It’s also to give creators a platform as most of us aren’t able to financially support ourselves in our craft at this stage so it’s a win, win.”

Essentially, the series sees Lash78 explore the nitty gritty of the creative arts industry with those actively experiencing it, shining a lot on everything the social media’s perfection game doesn’t encapsulate.

With expert production from ‘PRIDE Productions’, each episode is jam-packed with quality discussions, sage advice, and a whole lot of laughs. Guests so far have included New Zealand singer-songwriter theajsound, comedian Blaise White, session and touring drummer Joe Torre, and TikTok creator Lucy Wilson.

You can find all their videos on their Facebook or Instagram.

If you are a creative individual who is keen to jump on board with their IGTV/Facebook project, then get in touch with the sisters via the above social media platforms.