Geelong’s Izzy Lozi and the Auracles release new single

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Geelong’s Izzy Lozi and the Auracles release new single

With their brand new single ‘Change’, Izzy Lozi and the Auracles are reaching new heights. Their new single is out for the world to hear, along with a vibrant new lyric video for the single.

Followers have put Izzy Lozi and the Auracles alongside artists like Fleetwood Mac and Florence and the Machine, and like these artists, they are anything short of success.

In 2016, the band won the Queenscliff Music Festival buskers award and have been delving further into the music scene in recent years. This year, they qualify for the Queenscliff Music Festival line up in November, and will show off their stuff to the world.

With sassy vocals and catchy lyrics, the new music video is a blast of colour featuring geometric shapes ever-changing in space. The song sits with the idea of change and, quite philosophically, it challenges the concept of change as being a constant thing.

As well as challenging the mind, ‘Change’ offers great lyrics and substance and is worth checking out. Their new video is available now on Youtube or just watch it below. You can also listen to their tracks on triple j Unearthed.

Written by Lucy Rollason