Geelong’s home of American-style BBQ, Sethro’s, is closing its doors this October

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Geelong’s home of American-style BBQ, Sethro’s, is closing its doors this October

And they're taking their apple pie cheesecake tacos with them.

We apologise for the dramatics, but this just might be the worst day of our entire life. Sethro’s Texas BBQ is closing down, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

With Jodie Ryschka and Seth Mooney at the helm, Sethro’s BBQ has become renowned around town for its mouth-watering meaty American-style BBQ. And it’s the real deal kind of BBQ, using real pits to make some of the absolute best-smoked meats in Geelong.

The key takeaways

  • Sethro’s Texas BBQ is closing its doors this October
  • With the owners deciding to move to Queensland, they’ve decided to take their seminal business with them
  • The last day of trade will be October 16 2021.
  • This is a very sad day

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But change is afoot. Announced today via social media, the couple announced that they’re moving to Queensland, and they’re taking the seminal business along with them.

“We have made a decision to move Queensland and we’re taking Sethros Texas Barbecue with us! Our last shift at Sethros Texas BBQ in Geelong will be 16th October, 2021,” the business posted to Facebook.

“Our goal was to introduce real pit-cooked Texas BBQ to Geelong. No pellets, no electricity, no gas and no reheating!! Just wood, smoke and fire!! We are proud to say we have kept it traditional and authentic by cutting brisket to order and not serving French fries but serving fresh-made authentic southern sides which are the true roots of Real Texas BBQ.

“Our barbecue is comparable to the real barbecue joints back home in Texas and we’re proud to say that every Texan that has eaten at Sethro’s has come back time and time again!! It’s been a challenging job at times. Like most Australians, we have worked through a pandemic. We have adapted to the ever-changing obstacles. Coming out on top at the end is something we are proud of. We never gave up cooking for you and serving up the best barbecue this town has ever seen!

“We would like to thank you, our Loyal Customers, some that have travelled for hours to try our BBQ, and some that are here every Friday ordering your Brisket sandwiches.

“We are leaving on a high note without compromising the quality and service that we strive to deliver. We will hopefully have a food truck or trailer near Brisbane somewhere. We may even do a few BBQ Comps and just enjoy the lifestyle of Queensland!!”

~ Excuse me while I break down ~

Tucked away in Grovedale, Sethro’s really have accumulated a loyal following since opening their doors back in 2015 and have no doubt become the main choice for any barbecue craving. With a pit-cooked American BBQ, grilled daily to perfection, it’s truly a one of a kind experience.

The heroes are of course the Texas brisket, pulled pork, and homemade smokey sausage, but they’ve also got scrumptious barbecue ribs, mac n cheese balls, smoked wings, meat dinner boxes and yummy sides to accompany your meal – like BBQ beans, tater salad, southern greens, slaw and a sweet potato casserole.

While the meats are bloody delicious, it’s the desserts that encouraged us to get in the car and make the trip down to Grovedale time and time again, especially for Jodie’s indulgent apple pie cheesecake dessert taco. Yes, you read that correctly but we’ll say it again. The Apple-Pie-Cheesecake-Dessert-Taco.

It’s truly a perfect combination we never even considered possible: crunchy tortilla shells, creamy cheesecake filling and aromatic homemade apple sauce – three different tastes combined in a perfect dessert. And now the lucky souls in Queensland will get to indulge in its beauty as we have for the past few years.

Believe it or not, their desserts didn’t just stop at the dessert taco (although it was perhaps the best dessert we’ve had all year), but also for Jodie’s famous homemade cheesecakes. This absolute legend makes indulgent cheesecakes from scratch every single day, creating a tonne of different and delicious flavours. There’s been Nutella, Caramilk, biscoff, Malteaser, confetti, clinkers, passionfruit, white chocolate, lemon, and even maple bacon.

So long, farewell Sethro’s. We’re really, really going to miss you.

Sethro’s will close on October 16 2021. Get in while you still can.