Geelong’s funky art studio Brush & Bubbles is hosting a boozy floral arranging class

Geelong’s funky art studio Brush & Bubbles is hosting a boozy floral arranging class

Ready to channel your inner florist?

Geelong’s loved art space Brush & Bubbles has carved itself a strong reputation in the region as a unique creative space for the makers, movers and shakers out there, providing booze-sipping wannabe Picassos, candle makers, and more with all the materials and simple instruction they’ll need to create display-worthy creations they never thought possible.

From ‘paint your mate’ and Frida Kahlo painting sessions, to resin cheeseboard workshops, soy candle making and handing building ceramics, this studio is all about becoming immersed in something creative, purposeful, messy and imaginative. And the best part? This venue has its very own bar for you to paint and drink along the way, as well as a cheeky little snack menu to keep those hunger levels at bay.

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Now the stunning art space has just introduced a brand new Floral Arranging Workshop to help you create a stunning DIY bouquet to brighten up your space.

This workshop is all about having a fun time with friends while playing with flowers, ideal for beginners, flower lovers and people wanting to learn a new skill.

Featuring guest presenter Bec from Party Plants & Flowers, she will help you explore fun and colourful seasonal flowers, teach you how to reflex a rose, how to condition flowers, tips to keep your arrangements last longer and how fun it can be to create a beautiful floral display to style in your home.

You’ll go home with your own fabulous flower arrangement, ceramic vase and wonderful new skill.

On the day, all you need to do is rock up with good vibes, your imagination and a pal (if you want). The cost of the event includes all flowers, and supplies while the instructors will deliver the session with detailed step by step instructions with plenty of room left for your inner florist to run wild.

The first class will run from 12:30pm on Saturday, June 4 at Brush & Bubbles. You can purchase tickets here