Geelong’s Floating Christmas Tree will stay in the bay until mid-January

Geelong’s Floating Christmas Tree will stay in the bay until mid-January

Christmas has been extended.

Looks like the iconic floating Christmas tree is staying in Geelong for an extra week, celebrating the end of an interesting festive season.

Marking its seventh year in the bay, the world-class silver structure was carefully towed into place back in November ahead of Geelong’s annual Christmas celebrations.

While The Floating Christmas Tree launches would usually be celebrated with live entertainment, a light show and fireworks, this year saw the tree broadcast online via a live feed to allow the community – and world – to enjoy the landmark decoration from the comfort of their own homes, with a recording of the light and sound show also available. And now, locals and tourists alike will be able to enjoy the floating tree for an extra week, with its run extended until Saturday, January 16. Until then, the nightly show will continue to show every 15 minutes from 8.30pm to midnight.

Courtesy of Darryn Lyons, the infamous 25-metre structure debuted back in 2014 and has since given locals a spot to spend their nights leading up to Christmas, watching the light show synchronised to music and delighting people of all ages.

Not only bringing our community together and spreading that festive spirit, but the structure has attracted attendance of around 1.6 million people over the last six years.

City of Greater Geelong CEO Martin Cutter said whilst due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions the City would not be hosting any major events, there would still be bundles of Christmas cheer to spread throughout the Greater Geelong community.

“As with just about everything in 2020, because of COVID our Christmas celebrations are going to be unlike any other year. Our focus has been on making this Christmas season special and inclusive of everybody in our community,” Mr Cutter said.

“In addition to Christmas favourites to be delivered in a COVID-safe way, this year we are introducing the Greater Geelong Christmas Roadtrip, inviting community members from all over the municipality to explore the region and get involved in local festivities.”

For more information, visit City of Greater Geelong.