Geelong’s favourite Sweethearts

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Geelong’s favourite Sweethearts

Originating in Geelong some 30 years ago, the all-female band, Sweethearts is ready to hit the stage at The Worker’s Club Geelong for their gig this month. The “energetic, neo soul band” has recently landed their monthly residency at The Worker’s Club, and are gearing up for their last gig before hitting the road on their Europe tour.

Playing a “big mix” of covers and originals, Sweethearts Music Director, Michael Fitzgerald describes that, “the current line-up is very much influenced by funk”, and that “[the set] will include a lot of songs that we will play over in Europe”, including “some specific soul songs written by the festival director from Italy”.

Rachael Hobbs, Sweethearts Band Captain, adds that, “We will be playing many songs yet to be released in our latest EP which means the audience will get a taste of new originals”.

With their new venue, “supporting our sound and our program to offer kids opportunities to perform”, the band is “highly anticipating” this upcoming gig, especially since, “[Band members] are all going to be on [their] game as a ‘Europe ready’ band and excitement will particularly high as a result”.

Hobbs details that, “There’s nothing like being on stage, ‘vibing’ with the band and raising each other’s spirits as the set goes on. There is nothing like the satisfaction of sitting on a groove and having the audience be completely immersed in the feel and rhythm you are playing.”

To feel their soul and groove, head on over to The Worker’s Club on Thursday, June 20 to catch Sweethearts before they head off on tour.

Written by Sophie Barker
Photo by Patrick Callow