Geelong’s heavy and alternative one-day music festival ‘Melted’ returns in October 2022

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Geelong’s heavy and alternative one-day music festival ‘Melted’ returns in October 2022

Ever heard a riff so heavy it felt like it would melt your face off? Well prepare for a whole day of it with Melted!!

After such success in its first two years, Victoria’s beloved heavy and alternative music festival, Melted Festival, will return to the Barwon Club Hotel this year and once again melt the faces of fans with explosive heavy metal riffs, pumping prog-rock vamping and the promise of ‘crazy surprises’.

The festival was originally intended to go ahead last October but was postponed for the second year in a row due to the heavy restrictions in place for live music at the time.

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Bringing it back after a two hiatus, Melted Festival will take to the Barwon Club on Saturday, October 29, bringing the heavy back for the 2022 spooky season.

The highly-anticipated festival will be headlined this year by Victorian metal powerhouse Envenomed. Hailing from Melbourne, Envenomed are a melodic, thrash-driven heavy metal band that have been a consistent and dominating force Worldwide since forming in the mid-2000s. Influenced by the soaring melody of Iron Maiden and the aggression and groove of Megadeth, these guys combine these styles whilst still retaining the hooks of traditional Heavy Metal with World Class musicianship. 

Joining the metal giants will be Geelong/Ballarat Melo-death four-piece Fall & Resist, Melodic Hardcore band from Geelong/Melbourne Detach Me, and Melbourne Dirty Southern Hardcore giants Miseryguts. There will also be sets from The Ascended, Neuritis, Lay Low, and ViperThrone.


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November 2018 saw Melted Festival welcomed to Geelong for the first time, thanks to a combination of the blood, sweat, and tears from Geelong’s very own Toxicon.

“We really wanted to try and create something that’s just going to grow into the future,” Toxicon vocalist Wayne Clarris told Forte ahead of the first edtition. “We wanted to emphasise the alternative, the rock and the punk as well as the metal. We didn’t want to just have a straight-up metal festival.

“I think there’s a lot of good ones going around, but I like the mix,” he continues. “We feel like when you get variety over the day, it seems to be a bit more fun. You get more people involved, and you get the opportunity to cross genres so people can see something they may not have seen, or been excited about, before.”

The 18+ afternoon and night also promises food and drink specials and a Halloween Costume contest, with doors opening at 4pm.

Tickets purchased for last year’s event will remain valid for the forthcoming event.

Grab your ticket here and stay tuned for more exciting announcements coming your way!