Geelong Yacht Club are looking for volunteers for 2024 Festival of Sails

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Geelong Yacht Club are looking for volunteers for 2024 Festival of Sails

Festival of Sails © Salty Dingo 2022
Words by staff writer

The Royal Geelong Yacht Club has put out the call for their crucial volunteers to sign up for the 2024 Festival of Sails, coming up in January.

Yesterday marked International Volunteer Day, and in true seafaring spirit, the Royal Geelong Yacht Club is rallying its troops for the upcoming 2024 Festival of Sails set to grace the shores in January.

The beating heart and steadfast backbone of any grand event, the call goes out to potential shipmates to join the crew of volunteers steering the ship at this prestigious sailing regatta. FoS Volunteer Coordinator, Daniella D’Amore, reveals that over 200 individuals from diverse backgrounds and age groups eagerly step forward each year to take on a myriad of roles both on and off the water.

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“What do they do? Oh, my goodness, what don’t they do! Everything from greeting and assisting, helping to direct visitors, moving gear around the yacht club, running errands, setting up, packing up, there’s literally almost nothing they won’t do,” says Daniella. “And you know what, it’s always with a smile. They’re an amazing bunch, who just have such a good time.”

For On-Water Volunteer Coordinator, Mike Lander, these volunteers are the unsung heroes ensuring the smooth and safe sailing of one of the Southern Hemisphere’s most significant regattas.

“There’s a lot to do during a busy and important regatta. Boat drivers, mark layers, timekeepers, race officers and volunteer officials, everyone has an important role to play,” he says.

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The call has been sounded for both seasoned volunteers and potential new recruits to join the ranks at the event running from Friday, January 26, to Sunday, January 28 – the 181st edition of the largest keelboat racing regatta in the Southern Hemisphere.

Festival of Sails Chairman, Paul Buchholz, tips his hat to the dedicated legion of volunteers who year after year lend their support to the event.

“They are an extraordinary group of people and there’s such a genuine bond of friendship amongst them. And while they have a great time, the truth is we just couldn’t run this event without them. It just wouldn’t happen, so we are always so grateful for their loyalty and hard work.”

If you fancy being part of this maritime spectacle, set sail to the Festival Of Sails – Geelong Victoria Sailing Regatta & Community Festival and sign up to join the crew for an unforgettable nautical adventure.