Geelong West Rotary Book Fair is back for another page-turning year, slinging books with $1 and $2 price tags

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Geelong West Rotary Book Fair is back for another page-turning year, slinging books with $1 and $2 price tags

The Geelong West Rotary Book Fair returns to Geelong West Town Hall on Friday 17th, Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th February 2023. 

Whether you are a bibliophile with a passion for rare books or an avid reader out for a bargain, get ready to fill your nostrils with that familiar book smell because the Geelong West Rotary Book Fair is back for another page-turning event in 2023.

Presented by the Rotary Club of Geelong West, the annual book fair is back at Geelong West Town Hall to raise funds for local charities.

Geelong West Rotary Book Fair

  • The annual Rotary Book Fair is back February 17 – February 19
  • Books will be priced at just $1 and $2
  • All funds raised by the books go back into the community

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Held across three days (Friday 17th, Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th February 2023), the Rotary Book Fair will allow you to add to your personal collection, or learn more about starting one, all at the cost of that loose change sitting in your car. With literally thousands of books on offer, you can expect a diverse and wide range of work. From fiction to biographies, cooking to gardening, to classics to crime, and health to children’s books, you’re bound to find something worth curling up in front of the fire with.

While the selection is utterly brilliant, it’s the cost that will please even the prudent penny-pincher with only $1 and $2 price tags, for children’s book and paperbacks, and hardcovers respectively. That’s less than a cup of coffee at your local cafe.

As a bonus, they even offer EFTPOS for all sale items. 

But more importantly, the positive contribution you make by just meandering on down and grabbing a latte’s-worth of books will make you feel like a modern Gandhi. Not only are you saving them from the rubbish tip which makes a sustainable recycling system for some eco-friendly reads, but all the funds raised by the book purchases also contribute to a multitude of great causes and community projects that the Rotary support.

Geelong West Rotary President, Jim Marendaz said “After a number of interrupted years  with COVID19, it is even more important now that we work as hard as possible to  generate funds to share amongst our challenged communities. Rotary is a proud ‘not for  profit’ organisation with members paying a subscription to join, covering administration  costs – resulting in all funds raised going directly to the community groups most in need.”

Funds from previous Book Fairs have been distributed to Rotary Clubs in the towns  ravaged by Floods; to Geelong’s Samaritan House to assist those without a place to  sleep; Barwon Valley Special Education School and to patient transport managed by  Barwon Health Foundation – all worthy community groups. 

Of course, the Book Fair would not be the success it has become without the assistance of its community partners. One such partner is the Geelong Regional Library Corporation  (GRLC), who have supported the Geelong West Rotary Book Fair for many years through  the donation of books which have been ‘retired’ from their library collection. The best news  is, that with recycling these books this way, comes the added benefit of the protection of  the environment, as it is better to see books finding new homes in the community rather  than ending up in landfill.

Whether you’re a life-long bookworm or you’ve never quite gotten into reading, The Rotary Book Fair is the perfect destination fall in love with books. So go forth, have a gander, grab a book or two and head back home to your comfy couch, make a cup of tea and settle in for a good read knowing you’ve done your part for your community.

The book fair will be held at Geelong West Town Hall on Friday, February 17 (9am-6pm), Saturday February 18 (9am-5pm) and Sunday February 19 (9am-2pm).