Geelong Vape Co and the Exchange bring you an Exclusive Bourbon and Vape Evening

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Geelong Vape Co and the Exchange bring you an Exclusive Bourbon and Vape Evening

It’s tough to argue, Bourbon is the finest whiskey there is, or as people like to call it, sweet liquid gold. Team that liquid gold with Vape juice and e-liquids that taste like cherry, bubblegum, cola, banana ice cream or even caramel vanilla tobacco, and you’ve got a pretty enticing and palatable evening ahead.

Sounds like something you’d like to indulge in? Well, Geelong Vape Co have partnered with the Exchange for the first ever Bourbon and Vape event.

Here, guests can expect a night of tasting some of Kentucky’s premium and rare bourbon, such as Basil Hayden, Knob Creek, Bookers and Bakers Bourbon (honestly, liquid gold!), while Whisky Expert, Jimmy Javni, will also give you a glimpse of Makers Private Selection – a selection that is not available elsewhere due to being such a limited and exclusive edition of Bourbons.

The evening will be a journey of Bourbon history, flavour and tastes, coupled with a vape event where by you will be able to sample some of the latest and greatest Vape juice on the market.

Oh, and of course mouthwatering canopies will be served across the evening.

Each guest will leave with a full size bottle of bourbon, a vape device and premium juice, so if you’re feeling a little stuck for a father’s day present, this is the perfect gift for the vaping father where he can indulge during the event – and after!

It all goes down on Saturday 14th September, 6-9pm. Bookings are essential and can be made directly through the Geelong Vape Co, phone 0490 704 292. Tickets are limited to this exclusive event.