Geelong talent takes center stage in Valhalla Taproom’s May Music Series

Geelong talent takes center stage in Valhalla Taproom’s May Music Series

Photo credit FinalFinal
Words by Laurence Adorni-Dickson

Valhalla Taproom is hosting a brand new showcase series for local bands all throughout May.

Local music is great, like really great. Being able to turn up and support the local talent of your community is something a lot of us may have taken for granted, given how abundantly clear the industry was impacted last year. But we music lovers are far too stubborn to let a good thing die off, and so it falls to us to show our support for all the great artists out in our community.

The legends at the Valhalla Taproom have heard the call, and from the ashes of our battle scarred local scene, have chosen four mighty bands to arise and show Geelong that there’s still fight left in us.

This all sounds very grandiose I know but hear me out…

Every Thursday night throughout the month of May, Valhalla will be transforming its taproom into an ‘intimate performance space’ to showcase a carefully curated and diverse range of talent all hailing from the Geelong region.

Here’s the line up.

  • On May 6th EarthOmen will kick off the May Music Series a three piece doom band that’ll be bringing their signature stoner-blues power to the stage
  • FinalFinal will be taking stage on May 13th. “The last Jazz band on Earth” FinalFinal are a manic free-jazz group for the end of days.
  • Taking stage May 20th is Liqué, a bold duo of guitar and drums with loud and raw energy.
  • Capping off the May Music Series is Smoke Witch, who made their debut not only two months ago! You stoner metal fans will not want to miss this act!

Each of these amazing bands bring their own unique sound, so you’ll be in for something different every week.

We here at Forte, can’t stress enough how important local spaces are to small scale acts and bands. So be sure to come along and show your support so we can keep giving our wonderful local talent a place to perform. Big thanks to Valhalla for kicking off the May Music Series and promoting local talent, here’s hoping we can see more initiatives like this across the region going forward!

Be sure to check out the event page to learn more about the bands, check gig times and pick up tickets!