Geelong Roller Derby celebrates 10 years

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Geelong Roller Derby celebrates 10 years

Many of you would have seen the thrill and skill required in a Roller Derby game thanks to the film ‘Whip It’, but while Ellen Page is entertaining to watch on screen, the real deal is so much better.
One league that can attest to this is the Geelong Roller Derby (GRDL), who have had a wild ride over the last TEN YEARS.
What started as a handful of skaters learning and running drills obtained from YouTube, soon turned grew into two aptly named teams, the Frankenskaters and the Bloody Marys, who would present their first bout to family and friends on Halloween.
After years of blood, sweat and tears, Geelong Roller Derby has now been well established for a decade and has become a place fuelled by challenges, sporting fun and friendship.
To celebrate all the fun and excitement that the league has brought to Geelong, they are hosting a 10 year anniversary bout on October 20 this year.
Kicking off the celebration, there will be an Amber Level scrimmage using the throwback names of the Atom Bombs vs The Psychotics, then the bloodbath continues as the Bloody Marys take on the Statewide Stampede MVPs.
It’s clear; there’s nothing better to celebrate 10 years of derby in Geelong than a bloody hard challenge and some grand old derby fun!
With the hopes of seeing some familiar faces and smiles, GRDL is offering free entry to previous GRDL skaters if they rock up in their GRDL shirts with their name and number!
Come down to the Barwon Valley Activity Centre in Belmont on the 20th October 2018 where the fun will be kicking off at 5pm. Tickets $10 at the door; kids under 12 free.