Geelong local labels collaborate in launching winter range with pop up store

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Geelong local labels collaborate in launching winter range with pop up store

Cactus Clothing Co. and Enough Co. will be holding a temporary pop up store in Geelong to showcase their winter releases and largest collection to date.

As two up and coming local labels, creators Thomas Grigg (of Cactus Clothing Co.) and Pat Robinson (of Enough Co.) saw the mutual benefit in collaborating with each other in organising a pop up space for their winter release.

“Both being local labels with winter release around the corner we thought it was a great opportunity to team up and cross promote the brands,” Robinson says as to why the two decided to collaborate.

“As Pat’s said, both being local labels, we thought it would be a great chance to push ourselves to the market in a collaborative manner, gaining more exposure and sharing the relatively high costs that come with a brick and motar store,” Grigg explains, “Plus it’s always good to bounce ideas off like-minded fellas and seeing how they go about it.”

The collaboration is fitting, with both brands representing a unique take on modern surf and street wear. Enough Co is the brainchild of Robinson, who started the business following a project he did in a graphic design course where he has to design some tees. “I showed all my mates and they all wanted one so I got them made up and I have been doing it ever since,” he says, “A lot of the ideas are inspired by my friends, travel and other life experiences.”

Similar to Robinson who likes to create limited edition prints on a range of on-trend apparel, Grigg created Cactus Clothing Co as a creative outlet while he completed his university studies due to a lack of originality in the street wear scene. “I feel I could create a more aesthetically pleasing and higher quality garment at a lower price than the competition,” Grigg says, “The name Cactus was born while I sitting on a tractor and drove past a Cactus!”

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With the surf and street wear clothing scene thriving, the guys admit it is tough to stand out in a saturated market. “The street wear scene is incredibly tough to crack, especially with the explosion of small independent labels like ourselves over the last couple of years,” Grigg says, “It’s great to see though, with every label thinking they can offer something different to the market. The customer is spoilt for choice!”

With pop-up shop already proving successful for the labels, the guys are kicking it off with their launch party on July 15 right in the heart of Geelong.

“With killer local Dj acts and light refreshments on opening night, photography and both our winter releases, we hope to create a fresh outlook on the retail experience. A space where people want to not only shop, but also to hang out and feel welcomed,” Grigg says, “I hope it’s successful and opens new avenues in which retail stores can be operated and perceived.”

“I’m hoping this will generate some hype for the brands and inspire more pop up shops and exhibitions in Geelong,” Robinson adds.

The launch party will see the likes of Chook & Moluck, Toni Pepperoni, Liam Horwath and Massa take on the decks, while the public can explore the brands range while sipping on free beer and wine.

In addition to the pop up store, Cactus Clothing Co. and Enough Co. products are available through their independent websites, with the guys hoping to have their own physical stores one day in the future.

I’d love to open my own permanent shop one day and stock independent labels,” Robinson says, “But for now I’m happy to continue to grow the brand online.”

When & Where: 102 Little Malop Street, Geelong – July 15 6pm – 10pm

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Written by Talia Rinaldo