Geelong kid’s band The Mik Maks have surpassed 1 Billion views on YouTube

Geelong kid’s band The Mik Maks have surpassed 1 Billion views on YouTube

A milestone.

Geelong’s very own colourful children’s entertainment masters, The Mik Maks have exceeded the one billion view count on their YouTube channel.

At the time of writing, their well-loved collection of film clips has accrued 1,060,117,052 views, with an accumulated total of 2,100 years’ worth of videos been watched and enjoyed by their little fans around the globe!

“The MiK Maks channel serves as a platform for positivity and celebrating all that’s awesome in our world,” The Mik Maks co-founder and director Al McInnes says.

“We take pride in being a fun and safe place for children and families in today’s busy world. Our fans are simply amazing and we’re proud to champion them through our channel.”

For the uninitiated, The Mik Maks are a band of brothers born and bred on farming land in Western Victoria. Along with their lovable friend Drums the Panda, they have performed live shows right across Australia for the past eight years, becoming a regular on the local touring circuit. In 2018 alone, they performed over 200 shows across the country. Whether it’s at a festival, a local event, or at home on YouTube, kids go absolutely nuts for their music, which takes inspiration from their own experiences growing up and working their sheep and cropping farm.

They were even declared the ‘Best Kids Live Act’ at the prestigious 2018 What’s on 4 Kids Gala Awards in Brisbane, an award to which they dedicated to their brother Dean, who sadly passed away suddenly that year. Since then, The Mik Maks have continued their brother’s legacy, now even introducing online musical workshops via ‘Zoom’, and reaching this milestone is a clear reflection of their continued hard work and dedication in giving children a strong foundation in music.

To celebrate the momentous occasion, the group are releasing ‘The Mik Maks: 1 Billion Views’ with fans on YouTube, summarising their journey to date. The clip will include highlights from the early days and the first film captured in the family loungeroom through to the thriving production organisation it is today.

“We’ve certainly overcome enormous challenges along the way,” co-founder Joel McInnes adds.

“We’ve got an incredible team working around the clock researching, planning, filming and editing. In particular, Drums the Panda who draws all of the incredible animations and producer Will Cook who brings the images to life.

“We’ve got big plans to make our content even more engaging and personalised in the next year.”

It’s only onward and upward from here for the local legends.

Check out The Mik Maks YouTube channel here.