Geelong indie folkster Kyle Taylor shares charming new single ‘The Creatures’

Geelong indie folkster Kyle Taylor shares charming new single ‘The Creatures’

The title track to his upcoming EP.

A familiar name in local circles, Geelong nomadic singer-songwriter Kyle Taylor has launched into the second half of 2020 with brand new music.

With influences including Ed Sheeran, Damien Rice and Bon Iver, Kyle sings stories of people and of love. Since his beginnings, he has released a couple of albums and supported the likes of Jordie Lane, Josh Pyke, Carus Thompson and James Reyne.

While it’s been a little while since the local muso has performed around Geelong, the past few years have seen him hitting up local festival stages, busking out front of a shop and even taking to the stage in the UK.

Now with performances brought to a halt and time on his side, ‘The Creatures’ is one of the newest releases from the songman, available now through his Spotify page. We sit down with Kyle to find out more.

Congratulations on the release of The Creatures. It seems very focused. Can you give us a bit of a rundown of what inspired this track? Lyrically, I feel it is a more introverted song.
Your right The Creatures is introverted lyrically, yet it’s inspiration came from days living in Wadawurrung country. But I don’t live in Djillong anymore. I’m over in Boonwurrung country (St East Melbourne) these days. ‘The Creatures’ is an old friend telling me about climate change. I’m sure the state govt will inform the public soon about the climate crisis, because we seem to be running out of time…

This track is also the title track from the upcoming EP. The first single ‘Commander Mary’ certainly has a different feel to it, being a more lo-fi sounding with spoken story telling vocal style which reminds me more of American artists of a similar ilk. Which track is more indicative of the direction you wish to take, or are the other two tracks very distinct with differences to the released singles?
You correct on all points, and yes the other two tracks are very distinct with differences to the released singles. I’m forging my own sound landscape to let folk walk in their direction.

I used the word focused before as I feel you have some variety in your recent outputs, but this particular track reminds me of the talent you have in writing a more widely accessible brand of your music. The sound, crafting and general quality of ‘The Creatures’ makes me think this is the Kyle Taylor the world should see. Would you agree that this is the best representation of you currently?
Yeah your right, the production of The Creatures is the best representation of me currently, spot on.

In the last couple of years you have been trying to fight, argue and/or represent a few causes: LGBTIQA+ rights, marijuana legalisation, indigenous rights and nature conservation come to mind. Are you still fighting for all these causes, or are you more fighting for Kyle Taylor at this very point? Are politics more important than music? When do politics blur the line between music and soapboxing?
I’m fighting for myself. Music is most important to me, I’m trying to let it speak for me. I’ve never been involved in politics, I’m just remaining autonomous and hoping.

Your battles with mental health have affected your music over the years. Do we have reason to believe that a more consistent Kyle Taylor is here to stay, allowing you to reclaim your standing in the world of quality Aussie folk?
Mental Health has been an issue for me. I’m doing better to cope with my Mental Health now. I will continue to release folk music and if people like my sound, that’s great.

What is coming up for you? Are you doing well? Are you itching to hit the stage?
I’m releasing a new single ‘Inn Thyme’ on September 1st 2020 – Yes, I’m coping with COVID-19 restrictions – And yes keen to hit the stage.

Some people may not be aware of your highs throughout your career. Give us two highlights that may surprise those less familiar with you.
I’ve busked inside Geelong Council Building and Geelong City Hall and played ‘Commander Mary’ and I’ve thrown a pineapple in the Ocean Grove beach (Boxing Day 2016).

Thanks for your time, last words are yours!
Throw a pineapple in the ocean!

Check out Kyle’s single below.