Geelong garage-rockers Phaedo release new EP ‘Spiral’, a profound psychedelic odyssey

Geelong garage-rockers Phaedo release new EP ‘Spiral’, a profound psychedelic odyssey

Words by Alex Callan

The EP stands as their most incisive effort yet.

The 2019 release of Phaedo’s debut album, Beyond Divisions, unfortunately didn’t get the notice that people initially expected.

Whilst it was a good album and even better first effort, its lo-fi production value made it a hard sell for radio play and the song’s clear influence from groups like Thee Oh Sees at times hid unique facets and intricacies of the groups sound that were conveyed in their live shows.

Spiral feels like Phaedo starting anew, with Mitch Collins (Sex Ed), Dom Bell (Gymnastics in the 70’s), Kyle Lock, Holly Perkins (The Sweethearts) and Rohan Lock coming into their own.

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For a band that traditionally cut their teeth on fast-paced garage punk, the measured drone and hazy vocals of the release’s title track came as a very welcomed surprise. Channelling similarities to Ty Segall’s Rain, giving it an ever-changing nature that’ll be sure to impress live crowds.

As the EP’s lead single, ‘Black Velvet’’s twangy guitars and slightly disjointed rhythm sections highlight a surf-punk quality, which flows perfectly as the angular riffs lead into an incredibly heavy final minute.

By the time you reach ‘Oscillations’, it has become evident that Phaedo is no longer young kids aspiring to sound like their idols. By toying with the linear nature of art-punk whilst adding in individualisms such as Kyle Lock’s sinister stuttering laugh, it’s clear that as a group Phaedo is no longer aiming to hit any sound other than their own. Not only is it refreshing to hear, but it also opens up some eccentric avenues that they can take their music in for future releases.

Rounding out the release and coming in as my personal favourite is ‘Pleasure and Consequence’; its gradual introduction and cadence of the instruments feels reminiscent of classic time-in’s like The Doors’ ‘La Woman’ or Deep Purple’s ‘Highway Star’ and will be sure to win over some older classic rock fans as a result.

Spiral is out now via Geelong label Weather Vane Records.