Geelong Film Photographers

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Geelong Film Photographers

There’s a new rise of photography in Geelong. It’s new in all contexts, except the methods in which they use. The photography group, started by Ben Neoh in July this year, puts its focus on film photography – enabling the shooters to really connect with what they’re capturing. Ben decided to create Geelong Film Photographers (which is essentially a community of around 50 members online) after feeling isolated from the rest of the film community without an actual meeting place set up.
The group is a means for film photographers to connect as a community and share, encourage and inspire one another to grow. Regular outings will be scheduled, the first of which was a trip to the Otways on November 8. Working alongside make up artist student, Morgan Herzer, from the Gordon, the group took a number of pictures of each other and the models (Annie Gomularz and Courtney Ward) on the day.
“It was a long day but everyone had an awesome time and spoke of looking forward to the next one. It was a great way to learn from one another and to feel connected to something greater than yourself, it’s inspiring to see how different minds work and how differently everyone sees the world,” Ben says.
Joshua Maxwell De Hoog 01WEB
Joshua Maxwell de Hoog, from Analogue Academy, is also a member of the group and his business also supports film photographers however they may need it. There’s no judgement in the group from what you produce, it’s simply a place for like-minded people to share their passion. Join the group on Facebook to get involved in the community and at the next outing.
Main image: Ben Neoh
Second Image: Joshua Maxwell de Hoog