Geelong DJ and producer Elliott Creed on his new EP ‘System Input’ and the current challenges of being an artist

Geelong DJ and producer Elliott Creed on his new EP ‘System Input’ and the current challenges of being an artist

Words by Bert Seaton

From Bloom to Burning Man, local legend Elliott Creed is one to watch.

Elliott is a Geelong based DJ and producer whose sound has developed from the pop influenced “crowd pleasers” of his first Uni-party set, to the progressive-melodic techno that makes up his recent work.

Elliott’s music has taken him around the world, with sets at Burning Man, Sundancer Festival in Thailand and some of the biggest festivals in Australia, but recent times have seen him shift focus to production and the occasional live Facebook set. “It comes with both positives and negatives”, Elliott said, referring to current lockdowns, “My body clock likes me a lot more”.

He has kept busy through 2020, releasing music on labels Euphorie Bezirk and Duenia Records, as well as his latest project ‘System Input’, out October 9 through Upon Access.

I had the chance to chat with Elliott to discuss his EP and being an artist in current times.

Tell me about the new EP, how did it come about?
I’d been traveling [Asia] for a couple of months and when I got home, I was full of motivation and ideas. The songs themselves embody the high energy, fast paced atmosphere that was being experienced overseas, as well as being quite meaningful. It came off the back of my first release which went really well and was lucky enough to fall upon the ears of Paris [of Made in Paris], we got in touch and ended up working towards this final product which we are really excited about.

Where do you see your music headed?
I just want to keep creating music that I want to be making. If that transfers demographics and genres, I’ll be okay with it, as long as I’m enjoying and dancing to the music I’m making then I’ll be happy with that.

How have the lockdowns affected your music and livelihood?
Yeah well, the music scene has been slapped in the face. Things have literally stopped. My last gig was in February, and although it is quite difficult at times, you try not to think about the financials involved in something you are so passionate about, but I have definitely had to take up work from other jobs to cater for losses. And I guess it’s more than music as well. You have a chance to see your friends, enjoy the company of others, it’s the whole element of going out and enjoying yourself that I think a lot of people are feeling.

Do you have any advice for other creatives in dealing with the times?
It’s really important not to get caught up in everything that’s going on. Try and capitalise on the opportunities that you’ve been given. You’ve got all of this time on your hands to invest in yourself and grow as an artist or producer or anything like that, so use the time wisely.

How can people support artists through this time?
Supporting artists during a time like this is really hard, but [aside from purchasing artists work] people often underestimate the value of a like or a share across social media. The feeling of social support is really second to none. Showing love for people’s passion goes a lot further than people would think.

Listen to Elliott’s work via his Spotify or SoundCloud and follow his journey on socials at ‘Elliott Creed’, across all platforms.

You can pre-order his EP ‘System Input’ now via Beatport.