Geelong café to close its doors after more than seven years in the CBD

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Geelong café to close its doors after more than seven years in the CBD

The Sprout and Bean Cafe will close at the end of the month.

One of our all-time favourite plant-based cafes that have made a name for themselves in the Geelong region for their nourishing dishes has announced it will be closing after seven years.

The key takeaways

  • The Sprout and Bean Cafe are closing its doors
  • The cafe will embark on a new venture online
  • The couple behind the business have been champions for sustainability and plant-based meals

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The Sprout and the Bean Café, located at 1/163 Malop Street, announced via social media earlier this month that they would be closing the café doors in the CBD and embark on a new online venture, which is yet to be revealed.

“Sprout will be closing their doors on Sunday, August 29th and opening their window on an online space,” the post read.

“If I don’t see you in the next two weeks just wanted to say a thank you for the love and support over the last seven years. I’m very excited to see what this journey will bring and hope you WATCH THIS SPACE!!”

Ran by Geelong local Cherie Fay alongside her husband Shaun McLeod, The Sprout and Bean café has become a down to earth homely space, offering organic and vegetarians soul food in the heart of Geelong – earning the title of Geelong’s first organic cafe.

Anchored in sustainable values, the last few years have seen an increased focus on promoting health, primarily concentrating on gut health by adding new drinks and food items to their incredible menu, with an aim to help people who are transitioning into a healthier, eco-friendly lifestyle.

Cherie and Shaun pride themselves on the use of organic produce and products at the cafe, but also local ingredients that have been foraged or gifted (with the assurance of no spray and other nasties).

Using fresh organic, bio-dynamic and locally sourced natural ingredients, the cafe was the go-to place for plant-based, home-style cooked meals including warm soups, curries and salads, as well as great organic, ethical, sustainable Jasper Coffee with alternative milks, allowing the team to cut down on waste. And in that vein, Sprout and Bean were even one of the only cafes in the region that didn’t serve coffee in disposable cups, so people could sit in, bring clean reusables or join the legends at One Good Cup.

“I’ve been at Sprout since 2014, I’ve been changing a lot over the years with sprout making more plant-based (aka vegan) options and reducing our waste (Said “No” to single use cups) Last year was HUGE becoming a mum, renovating and the “C” word,” Cherie wrote to Facebook earlier this year.

“I started working at Sprout because I believe No-Spray and Non-Genetically Modified Organisms (Food/Produce) is really important in our daily lives. We do eat three times a day (some more, some less)!! Food is Medicine and Medicine is Food.

“But over the years I’ve been learning about the environmental factors of what mass-produced foods can do to our systems. Organic food sometimes isn’t always affordable for some people (“we live in such a backwards world”) that’s why my goal in life is to grow what you eat and to localise our food.

“Last year taught us a lot and this year I’m hoping to use those teachings for the better.”

Dishing up healthy food that’s full of flavour with a passion for sustainability, this is a café that will be wholeheartedly missed. We can’t wait to see what they do next.

The Sprout and the Bean Cafe is located at 1/163 Malop Street, Geelong and will close on Sunday, August 29.