Geelong’s blackened death metallers Nemesium have dropped their debut album Continua

Geelong’s blackened death metallers Nemesium have dropped their debut album Continua

In terms of local extreme metal, Nemesium have to be regarded as one of the most pivotal acts around and now the blackened melodic death metal band have revealed their highly-anticipated debut full length album Continua.

Their first release since their EP Sentient Cognizance back in 2015 and an impressive live roster since, sharing the stage with the likes of Sinister and Krisiun, the 12 track album has quickly garnered rave reviews from underground Aussie metal critics.

Metalhead Reacts awarded a 10/10, calling the album the “most glorious brutal sonic assault on your senses”, The Razor’s Edge called it “a very confident and mature record which many, more established acts would be proud of” and Metal Saves labelled Continua the complete package and “exactly what you’d want from an up and coming death metal group”.

As an album that crosses from the darker Morbid Angel stylings through to some of the lighter melodies of more modern Swedish Death Metal across all 12 brutal detal metal tracks, Continua is truly an exceptional piece of work from these local extreme metallers.

‘Continua’ is now available via all streaming platforms via Black Lion Records, and if you’re in the position to do so, fans get also get their hands on CDs, Digipacks and some sweet new shirts via their Facebook Store.

You can also purchase via Black Lion Records store, as well as other worldwide distributors like Plastic Head, IndieMerch, Nuclear Blast and Seasons of Mist stores online. Please note, vinyl pressing is delayed due to COVID-19 but pre-sales are highly encouraged in this current environment!

For all the latest, head to the band’s Facebook page.