Geelong-based bluesy rocker Josh Dance is heading to Hepburn Springs

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Geelong-based bluesy rocker Josh Dance is heading to Hepburn Springs

Josh Dance might be a familiar face and after busking and performing around Geelong and surrounds for around 15 years now, chances are that’s why. We had a chat with the Geelong-based bluesy rocker ahead of his performance in Hepburn Springs this month.

Hey Josh, thanks for chatting to Forte Mag! You’re a familiar face to the Forte pages, and you’ve been playing around the region for more than a decade now, how have you grown musically over the years?
Really… has it been that long?! Time flies when you’re having fun I guess and I probably don’t qualify as a spring chicken anymore! I think I’ve grown as a musician in the way that I’m probably a lot more open minded musically than I used to be. Also, I think that just by doing something day after day, you’re going to improve. My vocals are definitely getting better as is my guitar playing. You’ve gotta keep chipping away.

You’ve got an upcoming gig at the Blue Bean Cafe in Hepburn Springs this month! What can people expect from this performance? Have you ever performed there before?
I’ve played at the Blue Bean Cafe probably about 15 times in the past 18 months or so. It’s a great little bar/restaurant in Hepburn Springs. Delicious food, great service, and a very cruisy atmosphere. I will be playing two acoustic sets from 6pm to 8pm, focusing on original songs, but with a few covers thrown into the mix as well. I’ve been told I do a pretty nice version of ‘Little Red Corvette’, so I’ll probably play that too.

You’re well known on the local busking scene, winning Geelong’s Best Busker in 2017. What is it that you love about performing on the street?
Well, busking has been a really good thing for me. I appreciate the different people who come up to me and have a chat. Occasionally someone will say to me “keep going mate, you sound really good”, that’s always great to hear. Busking is fun in the way it’s spontaneous. You just head out there and do it. No need to book a gig or haggle with some venue owner over a price. I do it for the money too; busking can pay for my groceries, sometimes even my gas bill! It’s cool when the kids dig what you’re doing too.

Are you still busking around the region as much as you used to?
I’ve actually been sick this past couple of months. I came down with some full-on laryngitis, then a cold, then a stomach bug, and finally… acid reflux as an encore. So vocally I’ve been out of action and therefore unable to busk, gig, or sing at all. But I’m finally back on track now and hoping to head out this Saturday. It’s all systems go. Again.

Where’s your music currently at? Do you have any upcoming releases?
I’ve just written a couple of new songs. One is called ‘Shame On You’ and the other is either called ‘Ragged Blossom’ or ‘No Good For Me’. I want to get a band together, or at least find a drummer who wants to play, do some more recording, and play more gigs. My style is basically blues rock with a folk twist. I’ve got some songs on YouTube, so if any musicians out there google Josh Dance and like my music, please contact me on Facebook or email [email protected]

When & Where: Blue Bean Cafe, Hepburn Springs – Saturday, June 29, 6pm – 8pm