Geelong After Dark returns

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Geelong After Dark returns

One of the highlights of the year for Geelong is the multi-disciplinary celebration of art, music and everything the CBD has to offer with the event Geelong After Dark.

Returning to the CBD 6pm to 10pm Friday 3 May, you are all invited to ‘Heighten Your Senses’ as you surrender to, and embrace the unknown while celebrating artists and the role they play in contributing to our city’s Clever and Creative Vision.

We all use our senses, be it through sight, hearing, taste, touch or smell, to navigate, explore and interact in everyday life. Then there is the sixth sense, intuition or ESP, acquired through past experiences surrounding influences and natural instinct.

This year, guided by this theme, artists have headed the call to heighten your senses, creating site-specific art works (interactive art; street performances; installations; music; exhibitions; projections), exploring one or more of the senses, to inspire and engage you.

Central Geelong is the blank canvas on which artists will explore new ways of experiencing the existing spaces, cultural venues, buildings and laneways, reminding us that culture and creativity are vital to our lives.

Some highlights for the evening include sensational slide guitarist Tim Hulsman who will improvise live music on a giant, two or three stringed instrument, designed and built by industrial artist Mike Patton, triggering explosions of colour onto the mega screen behind by visual artist Nina Grant, in a multi-dimensional, interactive experience of light, sound and substance, while Galaxias: A View Beneath the Surface from the Sky will see a spectacular aerial dance, animation projection and shadow puppetry performance from Made In Natimuk.

Go on, heighten your senses at Geelong After Dark on Friday May 3.