Geelong After Dark, New and Improved for 2016

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Geelong After Dark, New and Improved for 2016

Things are changing in the Geelong After Dark world. While this year will again bring the city alive after 6pm, there have been a few changes made to the running of the event which will hopefully make your night the best it possibly can be.

The first major change is the ability to “curate your night”. This means that for those who may want to peruse only music events from the 60 plus roster of artists, it can easily be done with the click of a button. Essentially, the Geelong After Dark team will be digitally holding your hand from 6pm right through to 10pm as you select from the following categories; Program Highlights, Music/Theatre, Multimedia & Visual Arts, Interactivity and Family Friendly.

“We realised that there are many ways that people like to tackle Geelong After Dark,” Creative Producer of Geelong After Dark, Luisa La Fornara, says of the addition to curate your night.

“Some just want to turn up and see what happens, others like to have a slightly more structured experience. We’re offering all of these options for people, to choose their own Geelong After Dark 2016 experience.”

As for Luisa’s ideal Geelong After Dark experience, here’s how she’d spend it: “I would suggest starting at the cultural precinct and weave your way along the event footprint and discover what the event has to offer. The program is huge, so in taking one of our planned “Come With Us” experiences, you’ll still come across something surprising along the way.”

And there is still the chance to just rock up and enjoy a night full of discovery as you witness the many performances, installations and arts experiences all for free across Geelong.

Another new addition sees the night become even more family friendly, and in a Geelong After Dark first, a kids treasure hunt will get children and families roaming the city – fully immersing themselves in the experience as they hunt for clues and gather stamps to win major prizes.

This year is the third year for Geelong After Dark, and with each year the event has evolved and developed, increasing opportunities for artists to showcase their craft with each event. City of Greater Geelong Investment & Attraction General Manager, Brett Luxford said that thousands of people are anticipated to converge in Central Geelong after dusk to discover some of the region’s most edgy arts experiences, placed in some of the most unusual places.

“Now in its third year, this free multi-award winning event will be Geelong’s biggest ‘pop up night of arts’ yet, with over 200 artists involved. Get ready to be surprised,” he said.

And with several key changes made to this year’s event, the team hopes to continue to grow Geelong After Dark, proving that Geelong really has got a lot to offer in the arts world.

“I hope audiences will gain a new appreciation for the CBD at night and discover the rich diversity of art and how it has the ability to bring people together in an exciting, innovative and inclusive manner,” Luisa says.

“My hope is that Geelong After Dark continues to grow from strength to strength – continuing to offer people the opportunity to discover the incredible work of artists from across the region, and to continue to be surprised by what happens in Geelong, after dark.”

The full program is now available via the Geelong After Dark website: Meet You After Dark.

Written by Amanda Sherring

Image: Will Cook/UP Creative