Geelong After Dark is Back for 2016

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Geelong After Dark is Back for 2016

On May 6, the nightlife of Geelong will once again be transformed as more than 40 artists head to the city for Geelong After Dark.

The annual multi-award winning event will allow Geelong locals and visitors to see the city in a completely new light through installations, performances and arts experiences – all for one night only.

“In 2016, we will have up to 40 artists and arts groups (totalling over 200 people) participating in a program of intriguing arts experiences, which will delight, inspire and be enjoyed by all,” Cr Richards said.

The first line up of the program has officially been released (you can see it in full via the website) but we’ve outlined a few below:


STARDUST: The Col Brain Story

The cabaret radio project, entitled STARDUST: The Col Brain Story tracks a story of one of Geelong’s most well regarded musicians Col Brain, and is told through the eyes of his grandson, broadcaster, Joel Carnegie.


The Celtic Light

This exhibition showcases Celtic geometric designs crafted from light. Audiences will be inspired by illuminated colourful knot work patterns, braided chains, spirals, mythical animals and powerful symbolism.

The M~M Gathering of the City: Geelong Connected Communities

The major ceremony is set to be another big highlight, with dancers emerging from the darkness to greet the entourage of flag bearers and walkers arriving from the You Yangs at the midpoint of Mountain to Mouth 2016.

Meet you after dark…