GAWS are in desperate need of dog and cat foster carers

GAWS are in desperate need of dog and cat foster carers

Brb, crying.

Need some love in your life, but don’t want the life-long commitment? Perhaps fostering a furry friend could be exactly what you need.

Homeless dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, birds and ‘pocket pets’ arrive in pounds and shelters every day. To get the second chance they deserve, each of these animals desperately needs a foster carer.

Well, Geelong Animal Welfare Society (GAWS) is currently seeing a very large number of darling cats, kittens and pups looking for a foster home for a variety of reasons, and are calling out for volunteers.

Not sure what it all means?

Depending on the pet you wish to foster, you can welcome an adorable companion into your home temporarily for a few weeks right through to a few months, looking after them and helping them become well-socialised and ready for adoption. The hardest part is, of course, saying goodbye to them after the fostering process but if you fall deeply in love and can’t give them back, GAWS also provides the means to help you adopt them for good.

GAWS foster carers are supported by our dedicated Foster Care Coordinator and are provided with relevant training (available online), veterinary care, pet food, bedding and equipment.
Currently, they need a range of different foster carers with different lifestyles to meet different animals fostering needs.

To be a foster carer, you just need to be 18+ and have access to a vehicle to attend regular Vet Clinic appointments at their Moolap facility.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be involved in, please email Foster Care Coordinator, phone (03) 5248 2091 or simply fill out the online application form here.