Gaudion takes us behind the scenes of making his clever, indie-pop single ‘TV Shows’

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Gaudion takes us behind the scenes of making his clever, indie-pop single ‘TV Shows’

Newcomer Gaudion has crafted something truly magnificent with his clever, indie-pop single ‘TV Shows’.

Serving as a bright introduction for the NSW singer-songwriter, ‘TV Shows’ is a wistful reflection upon love and loss written during a period of deep change and development for the artist. With nods to the likes of Dean Lewis, Ziggy Alberts, and Ben Howard, Gaudion brings the colourful narratives to life in this single with pop-inspired melodies, vibrant organic production, and of course, undeniably alluring vocals.

As a song that holds a long journey of his emotions, memories and thoughts, Gaudion sits down with us (virtually) to take us on a short yet inspiring behind-the-scenes journey into the creation of ‘TV Shows’.

You can watch the exclusive video below.

Hi Gaudion, thanks for taking the time to have a chat with us at Forte Magazine!
Hey, no worries! Thanks for having me, means the world!

What have you been up to today?
Today I’ve been recording demos all day. I usually get up at about 6am and have a coffee. Watch the sunrise and check my emails whilst listening to a few beaut songs. Then mid-morning I generally get stuck into some music and yeah at the moment it’s been a cheeky bit of recording. I’m really excited about these next few songs, some of them are really special.

How have you been managing in isolation and has it seen a dramatic change in your day to day schedule as a musician?
Isolation has been a bit of a rollercoaster if I’m going to be honest. From a musician’s point of view and timing on my journey, this couldn’t have happened at a worse time – haha. It sucks because, without a massive audience, it is quite hard to do all my promotion from home without being annoying.

I believe in taking every circumstance in life on its merits though. So, on the other hand, looking at positives, I’ve had a lot of time with my family, which I haven’t had for years. My day to day schedule is basically just work as usual minus the busking/performing. Thinking of new songs, ways to be engaging, improvements on my performance and etc. It’s all an unexpected refresh that could be a step in the right direction? Who knows!

We’re excited to be sharing an exclusive behind the scenes look at your awesome new single TV SHOWS, it’s soo great to see the song receiving soo much love out there across Australia. You wrote this song abroad, did you write any other songs that we can expect to hear down the line while on that life-changing trip?
Funny you ask. When I was going through old vid files for this promo video I found a bottomless pit of other songs I had written whilst sitting in those silos. The funny thing about them is they were all horrible, I struggled to listen to a lot of them – ha. However, there was one song that caught my eye… could be in the works for a future album in a couple of years.

Can you give us a brief description on what ‘TV Shows’ is about?
‘TV Shows’ is a song I wrote over the period of a really long time. Six years to be exact. It’s funny how some songs take five minutes to write, and others can take a lifetime. TV Shows is open to interpretation just like all of my music. This song makes me really happy though, a real song about acceptance, growing and learning.

The chorus sings of Kyle And Jackie O not having seen you yet. We figure they’re going to know about you soon enough if you keep releasing brilliant pop songs like ‘TV Shows’ – is that the dream, to get spun on Kyle and Jackie O?
Getting spun on Kyle and Jackie-O would be awesome! But it’s not why they feature in the song! There’s a story behind it that I’d hope to tell one day. However, I’d have to be on the Kyle and Jackie-O show to do it!

And thank you on the compliments. I have a lot more pop songs coming out real soon!

The single was accompanied by a very sweet video clip, did you mastermind the video and who did you work with to pull it together?
I’d love to take all the credit for the vid, but it was a real joint venture between myself and my good friend, Guido Pezz. He is also behind the camera on this video as well. We met late last year on the Gold Coast and instantly had a bit of a connection on our paths. Covid-19 has really taken away from this though as we haven’t been able to make videos for all upcoming singles, which was the plan. However, when this is all over we will be getting straight back into planning and catching up on paused time.

You’re from central west NSW but living on the Gold Coast. What do you most miss about your home town? What’s your fave thing about living on the Goldy?
Yeah, home really is where the heart is. I do some of my best writing out here, reminiscing on things that have happened to me and things I’ve seen in big cities. I suppose I would have to say I just miss Mum and Dad’s cooking the most. It’s like Masterchef in my family home! Big difference from the tuna and rice I eat for lunch and dinner nearly every day for the rest of the year!

The GC is so beautiful though. A lot of people don’t understand the way life is south of Mermaid Beach. It’s a place full of opportunity if you know how to find it. My fav thing is definitely the beaut sunrise that pokes its head over the ocean every morning. Such a beautiful time to be alive.

What’s next for Gaudion?
At the moment, I’m recording and taking every day as it comes. I’m very excited to be sharing a lot more new music with everyone this year, so STAY TUNED. My big plans when all this is over is to just be playing every day. Whether it be busking or shows, you can expect to see a lot of me and my guitar in the near future.

You can listen to Gaudion’s single ‘TV Shows’ below too.