Gateway Drugs: Magick Spells

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Gateway Drugs: Magick Spells

If gateway drugs lead to making music this great, then hook me up! The moody and brooding album, Magick Spells from L.A. based band, Gateway Drugs, has all the ingredients for an album that’ll stand the test of time. Alternative rock, punk, garage rock – whatever you want to call it – Magick Spells is one mighty fine album. There are definitely instrumentals and vocals that are reminiscent of ’90s rock, and in some tracks these guys kind of remind me of Magic Dirt, which is always a good thing, right?
I’m going to be boring and uncontroversial when I say that there wasn’t one track I didn’t dig, but it’s true, they all brought something a little different to the musical table. Tracks worth a mention though are; ‘Anu’, ‘Friday’s Are For Suckers’ and ‘I’m In Love With A Teenage Heartthrob’, which is probably my favourite track on the album. The last track, ‘Magick Spells’, which also happens to be the title track, is another standout with its doleful melodies and afflicted lyrics like ‘I don’t care anymore, what you do to me.’
From lazy guitar riffs to big rock sounds, there’s something for every mood and emotion. The melancholy lyrics only add to the overall sorrowful vibe going on in Magick Spells, and when I say sorrowful I mean it in the best possible ‘pining-over-love’ kind of way. Here’s to hoping they come to Australia and play a gig!
Out now via Cooking Vinyl Australia
Reviewed by Montana Agustin