Ganga Giri

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Ganga Giri

Having just played at Rainbow Serpent Festival at Beaufort over the Australia Day weekend, Ganga Giri is definitely full of colourful stories about the event after playing a highly energetic set. Standing in the international departure lounge en route to New Zealand to play at Luminate Festival in Nelson, NZ, G remembers what a great festival Rainbow Serpent 2015 was. “It was such a thrill to get back to Rainbow Serpent to play. I’ve taken two years off from playing there because there are so many other gigs going on. There was a really good vibe, and old Bunna Lawrie from Coloured Stone joined us on stage. We invited all our friends and it was a very colourful experience.”
Hailing from Port Fairy in Western Victoria, it was an introduction to playing drums at age eight that whet the appetite for G to begin playing music. From that very fateful day, he then turned his skills to playing the didgeridoo. “I was probably only in Port Fairy until the age of eight, but I loved growing up there. It was a beautiful lifestyle – fishing and getting around on a bicycle.
“Port Fairy Folk Festival must have had some influence on me because that is where I learnt to play the spoons! That’s one of my earliest music memories, but something that I will hold on to forever.”
If you haven’t heard the music of Ganga Giri, it is a combination of electro rootsy grooves that are certain to get you up on the dance floor. Describing your own music can at times be a pretty hard task to master, however G thinks he has got it down. “You know dub step? Well my music is like didge step. I figured out that if I could make something that I could dance to, I am on to a winner. It’s electronic music, but not as you know it. It’s uniquely Australian, and that is the point of difference between me and other electro acts around at the moment.”
Having released seven studio albums already, in the last week Ganga Giri released a new EP entitled Earthwise Volume 1. “This EP has a heavier bass tone to it and is a new genre crossover once again. It’s a little bit slower, but still all about the infectious grooves. It’s silvery, deep and shamanic.
“I have a few EPs that I am releasing digitally throughout the year and a full LP later in 2015. I don’t want to talk about it much yet, but something big is coming and you better be ready for it Australia!”
Throughout all of his busy touring commitments through New Zealand and Tasmania, Ganga Giri is getting set to play at the Come Together festival which is set to take place in Eltham over the second weekend in March. Talking about the upcoming gig, G can’t wait to take the stage, as he relates.
“It’s an honour to be asked to play there because it is for a good cause. I live locally and the opportunity to support such an amazing cause, there isn’t a better festival that I would like to be involved with. It’s only a short trip up the road, Geelong, so come out and party with us. There will be some new tunes for us to play and we can’t wait to see what the rest of 2015 has in store for us.”
Written by Tex Miller
When & Where: Come Together Music and Arts Festival, Eltham – March 14