Gabby Steel’s ‘The Urge Will Pass’ is a raw, unfiltered dive into heartbreak and triumph

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Gabby Steel’s ‘The Urge Will Pass’ is a raw, unfiltered dive into heartbreak and triumph

Words by Alex Callan

Armed with powerhouse songwriting, Gabby Steel unleashes heartache and triumph in her new EP 'The Urge Will Pass'.

I don’t know who it was that broke Gabby Steel’s heart but thank you. If it wasn’t for you, we probably wouldn’t have been gifted The Urge Will Pass, and that would have been a travesty. 

Born out of painful life experiences, debilitating self-perceptions and the power that comes with embracing oneself, The Urge Will Pass showcases local talent Gabby Steel in her most authentic and vulnerable state.

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‘It’s You, Not Me’ kicks off feeling like it’s right in the middle of a heated argument. Steel’s voice oozes sass, cheek, and defiance as she delves into a past breakup, eventually realising that she was never the issue. Through powerful quotes, Steel confronts being labelled as “pretty good for a girl” or “pretty for a fat chick” before proudly declaring, “you can take me or leave me, I don’t care,” in the song’s evocative gospel-infused crescendo.

‘Internalise’ on the other hand, conceals its dark lyrical content behind sonically vibrant soundscapes reminiscent of 90s Nelly Furtardo or early Sandi Thom. ‘Feel It With Me’ showcases Steel’s knack for folk balladry, while the sombre, piano-driven ‘Sometimes It’s Better To Lie’ explores inspired string arrangements and emotive melodies as Steel reflects on a past friendship.

The Urge Will Pass isn’t just another good local release; it’s a stellar EP that firmly establishes Gabby Steel as a powerhouse songwriter. Let’s hope it finally brings her the attention she’s long deserved.

The Urge Will Pass is out now.