G Flip’s homecoming gig at the Forum was a sold-out success

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G Flip’s homecoming gig at the Forum was a sold-out success

Words by Chloe Waddell

From debuting on Triple J Unearthed in 2018, to now headlining their own tour, the multi-talented G Flip has had a wild five years.

A sold-out show at the Forum was the first of only four Victorian shows on the DRUMMER tour for G Flip, and if you have the chance, it is well worth getting tickets to this run of gigs. Not only an extremely talented singer, G Flip touted their guitar, piano, and (if you hadn’t guessed already) drumming expertise on stage for the 90 minute set.

Their versatile performance was unswervingly high energy, and the songs flowed seamlessly. The set list for the August 29th show included a range of new and old hits, including the song that kicked off their career, About Time, and recent popular single Be Your Man.

G Flip found themselves emotional at the start of the gig, after relentless cheering from the home crowd to welcome them on stage brought them to tears. G Flip shared with us how they had always had the goal to play the Forum. It was a beautiful moment for fans to be with G on the bucket-list occasion and was made extra special as G’s family were there to share in the pinch-me moment.

As part of the welcome to the show, G Flip explained some house rules, which emphasised that their concerts are loving spaces for everyone to be accepted and included. G Flip gave a special shout out to those in the crowd who may have been dealing with depression and anxiety, thanking them for making it to their show, which was a beautifully empathetic touch.

G has historically been an advocate and safe-space for those in the LGBTQIA+ community, and so ensuring that their concerts remain places of acceptance is important. A self-described “gender smoothie”, G Flip has also candidly shared their own accounts of gender identity through their work, such as in hits ‘Waste of Space’ and ‘Boys & Girls’. A touching piano-based rendition of the former was performed during the Melbourne gig.

The gig was opened by talented teen singer JACOTÉNE, who pulled in the crowd with her cover of Bohemian Rhapsody, and original song I Need Therapy. Even if you didn’t know one of the songs of her set, she sang in such a way that drew you in and made you want to move. Appearing playful on stage, she signed off by reminding the audience that she loved them, and danced herself off with her cuppa in hand.

G Flip and their team also ought to be commended for how efficiently and empathetically they got help for someone in need in the mosh pit. It’s quite a feat to commandeer a room so calmly, quickly, and get a sold-out crowd – who were screaming enthusiastically only seconds before – to be perfectly silent.

Despite G Flip’s most recent album having been in the public for just shy of three weeks, the crowd sang along with the newest releases with ease. With support like that, it is no surprise that Drummer has hit number one in Australia. Worst Person Alive was a popular inclusion to the evening’s set list from the new album, and already has over two-and-a-half-million streams on Spotify alone.

Whether you’ve seen G Flip on the festival circuits many a time, or you’ve only just stumbled across their music, the DRUMMER tour is a great place to experience G Flip in their element.

G Flip is playing in Torquay and Melbourne this week. You can find out more about their Australian and US tour here.